Clear Skin + Weight loss


Just thought I would share some success I’ve had with Natalie’s/Shipras/Joanna’s method. I’ve manifested clear skin within two weeks of properly applying it as well as weight loss (six kilograms in five days). 

Now, I know there’s been debate as to whether you have to feel you have the change now or whether you have to feel its coming and both of these have worked for me. It was easy for me to imagine I was slim now as I wasn’t a big person to begin with so there was no resistance. However it was harder with my skin so I kept imagining that it would be here soon and would feel happy about that. The reason I was so in belief (after a long time of trying) was that I manifested bad skin semi-deliberately after never having had acne in my life. I kept thinking what if I accidentally manifest it and within days it was there. After that I was in no doubt that LoA works although I kind of got there in a roundabout way lol. 

If you’ve been trying for a long time I would recommend Abe’s method of not thinking about your desire. Whenever it pops up distract yourself, in my experience this removed a lot of the negative baggage that I had gained after a long time of trying and tying my desire with a feeling of frustration or failure. After a while when it pops into your head just think oh yea I have that already, or that’s coming very soon. At first you won’t feel anything but after a little bit you will begin to naturally feel happy about it. So don’t force the happiness if you’re not feeling it now, as long as you’re not feeling upset then the happiness will come on its own. 

So that’s it, I know these aren’t big changes but will hopefully move onto bigger things in the future. Good luck guys!

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  • But if your method is working then stick to it!

    • Your reply is very much appreciated, thank you!

  • I avoided it a bit tbh. Like I only looked if I needed to just do a quick check before going out. And when I did that I didn’t worry about making sure I saw my ideal appearance or anything I just didn’t think about it. If you go up to the mirror thinking oh no what if I see something I don’t like then for sure you will focus on your flaws. But if you ignore it unless maybe you just need to check your hair or something you can quickly do that and move on without worrying about physical appearance or anything. It is hard and takes some practice but you’ll get the hang of it!

  • Question, how did you handle the mirror? What I do is not look too much in it, and when I do I just do it quickly with the automatic reaction of already being in perfect form.

  • I found that when i was forcefully trying to feel happy Id instead end up judging my feelings and getting in a really bad mood. So no matter how youre feeling now know its ok and you will feel better. Its not really anything new as i feel all the previous methods posted were very similar just worded differently. Your skin will be looking amazing in no time! :)

  • I see no reason why it wouldn't! Maybe don't put too much emphasis on your current skin tone? And if you see someone who has the skin you want try to admire it rather than feeling jealous, that really helped me get the positive feelings going :) good luck!

    • Thanks for your response :) I will definitely do that. 

  • I agree with everything you said :-) You mentioned some key points. Congrats! Enjoy your perfect body!

  • Wow thanks! I am trying to manifest a different skin tone. It is a little hard since I have had my current skin tone my entire life, but I hope this works for me too! 

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