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The technique I'm currently trying to use is Nathalie's constant visualizing and replacing the old feature with the new one with all 5 senses: I'm having trouble with constant visualizing because sometimes I forget or sometimes I plain just can't visualize the feature. Any answers on how I could change this will be greatly appreciated! :)

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  • Hello MS,

    Maybe you should do what comes naturally when visualizing. If it feels like you are forcing yourself to visualize constantly, perhaps you should just do it whenever you feel inspired to. By visualizing when it feels good on a consistent basis, you are sending your subconscious mind and body positive energy that will help it grow.

    I hope I helped you. Check out my blog if you wish, there are some tips that may be of further assistance to you.

    Best wishes with your manifestations, I know you will make it. :)


    Becoming Beautiful
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  • i already say that i lightned my eyes color (they were brown), i used visualisation and it takes one month. About "constantly visualizing", one day (after about 10 days of visualisation) i spent the afternoon at home, I watched TV, imagining that my eyes are light brown, after 4 hours they became really clearer , I think the change has begun since that day

  • Hi Gisette

    Congratulations on your changes!

    I think everyone is curious as to how you manifested them. Do you have a little time to explain the technique you used for each change, what and how you visualized, how often you did it and how you felt.?

    Changes such as elongating your face and growing cheekbones are a major achievement around here :)
    • Okay, as good as it sounds, I've been at this for months and the changes are still small. In terms of height, I have a tall friend who is about 5'6'' or so and now she and I are almost equal height. As I stated earlier, the way I increased my height was by imagining my visual perspective as being higher than what I "really" was. I think I've grown an inch or so since June. As for my cheekbones, they're getting firmer and my face had lifted, there's evidence of them being there, but they're not quite the gorgeous jutting types models have, the type I yearn for, but I know I'm receiving them. For my face, the elongation has occurred to the front, my jaws sloping downwards (kind of like my avatar if you look closely). The second elongation I'm hoping to manifest is a longer profile, however, I think I may have received it already. Looking in certain mirrors confirms this, as such can scrunch your proportions weirdly.

      KeepsGettinBetter-No, I don't avoid mirrors, I simply look in the ones that reflected my ideal image back to me. I really only look at myself several times a day if I'm going through a bought of th blues, which follows a period of happiness. Lighting also plays a factor; certain, unflattering white light make me look less than my ideal, while dimmer, warmer tones make me look my ideal. I'm also wondering if my being a Virgo has anything to do with my "fast" manifestations since Virgos have critical analysis down to a science. Before I discovered The Secret, in 6th and 7th grade, I thought I looked absolutely hideous. Then I decided to think what I wanted, and changes occurred. My forehead curved back, although I am seeking to make it smaller, and I grew the beginnings of an actual chin. This one video game series I discovered in the 8th grade, Final Fantasy, has such gorgeous standards of people's beauty that I eagerly accepted them as my own, applying it to myself. Later, my appearance became much easier on my eyes as I exited my "ugly duckling" stage (6th and 7th grade), improving drastically in the 8th grade with a reeally short hair cut, as well as a dramatically improved appearance, compared to the year previous. I looked better, my face conforming slowly to those high standards.

      Purple Skies-I actually concentrated on all of them, putting the most important changes at the forefront of my mind, the others working their way gradually. As for elongating my face, by the time I was half-way through 9th grade my profile was already pretty long, although it only shows in certain mirrors and not yet in photographs (guess that's what happens when you try to take pics yourself...). My cheekbones are still very infantile from my ideal, although the skin in that region is tightening and expanding. I'm still actually trying to get my elongation of my front to be longer than most humans would think normal... All in all, it's pretty sporadic; my legs hurt from growing pains in the morning, it's my cheekbones tingling at noon, although my jawline is the only one that doesn't tingle the least despite the changes. How much you want and acknowledge them determines the speed tangible to you. I'm still far from finished; I hope to have a face like Cate Blanchett or all of the classic models you see in magazines.

      Danielle-So far, it's been since June. However, the changes are still far from my ideal and thus I am still working at it. The speed of the changes just depends on how much you've convinced yourself of the changes being there (Natalie's feature replacement) and how possible you think it is. I've actually developed an automatic drawing style so I can draw a woman or man with the features I think are ideal without having to think about it much. In doing this, I believe my subconscious has accepted my ideal and thus can translate it to paper instantaneously without having to think it over much. Also, I think the reason adults have trouble with this (I'm 16, by the way...) is because time flies. There's a lack of awareness of the world around. With me, time can still move quickly, but I'm still feeling as if I'm in this world and not speeding through it, which is something so may need to recapture.

      I'm still changing myself in many ways and am going through a metamorphosis so even though I say I've made these changes, they're still happening; it's not finished. Sorry if that's not what you expected, and I hope I didn't make you think it was too drastic. I'm getting there!
    • wow! yeah the lighting really does a difference for me too sometimes. Sometimes my eyes try really hard to focus in on certain parts of my face. When I get a glance in the mirror, or when I don't stare too long in the mirror, it seems as though I've seen my desired face lol
    • I get that a lot, too. Now my ideal face is becoming visible in almost all of the mirrors I look into. I'm still not seeing changes in my chin, at least nothing drastic. Still working on the forehead, and cheekbones are more or less the same, but gradually changing. It feels slow, but I need to remind myself that I've already experienced splendid changes and feel extremely grateful for it. If you ever really down, I recommend remind yourself of how easy it is to change your appearance. "Everyone has high cheekbones; everyone is good looking." If you get to the point that everyone's good features stand out to you much less than their flaws, that's good! It means that your mind is changing subconsciously and yearns for the changes that you do. If it helps, avoid mirrors altogether for a day, or more, until you can condition your mind to do this. Think about what you want constantly in a "I have that," not a "I want that" kind of way. Yesterday I went to an Academic Challenge tournament and was surrounded by women with features that I wanted, making it a very pleasant experience for me. I even forgot what I really looked like for awhile because I was seeing myself as my ideal for so long.

      Overall, try these techniques if you want. I've experienced an emotional rut because of fall and my slow changes, but I've been evening out with happy moments as well. Good luck!
    • lucky you! :D
  • lol I do that every once in a while after visualizing to try and trick my senses; imagining what I should be feeling lol
    • That's kind of funny because lately I've gotten into this weird habit of rubbing the tip of my nose, concentrating on smooth skin with no real intent of having it clear. I get acne around my chin and cheeks, but my nose is flawless. It's kind of funny, really. Just to give you guys hope, changing your appearance DOES work! So far I've elongated my face, am growing cheekbones, shrunk my ears a bit, and raised the ridge of my brows.

      If you want to get taller, do this: If you're standing close to someone, quickly look away and hold that image, only at your ideal height. I've been doing that and have been experiencing growing pains. Also, complaining doesn't hurt. Tell people your legs hurt; get irritated by your tingling cheeks. Since negativity and positivity both can fuel the changes, it definitely helps. Especially if you're in a bad mood, if you complain about your changes ("My cheekbones are getting so big; my legs hurt all of the time!") it won't be detrimental to those changes versus feeling bad about what's not there, you know? Hope this helps!

    • that's great! So, have you tried avoiding mirrors or you do something else?
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