Could You Use Lucid Dreaming To Manifest?

I've had a recurring thought which I thought I'd share here for discussion because I have a hunch that it could help with manifesting all the changes we've been seeking!

Could lucid dreams drastically hasten the manifestation of our desires? I've read before that during a lucid dream, it's the subconcious mind which is essentially running the show, and I've also read that a technique to experiment with in lucid dreaming is subconcious communication. Basically, people ask their subconcious mind to give them signals or they attempt to communicate with it.

This piqued my interest, because LOA is pretty much grounded in the power the subconcious mind wields over our outlook and current situation and led me to the hypothesis that if we could learn to lucid dream and ask our subconcious mind to overwrite the current way of doing things and help us to manifest, it could really speed things along, especially with cell talking, meditation, NAPS and visualization to assist the process.

So what do you think? Is lucid dreaming a potentially effective technique?

Disclaimer: If this topic has been brought up before I apologize, but I'd still be interested in hearing opinions!

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  • a couple of years ago i had my first lucid dream and hadnt known much about it but from then on i believed this was normal and had lds everynight this all happened because i wanted to levitate like criss angel, but when i stop the dream to start the day, i started doubting i could really fly and it never happend

    and you are right just one lucid dream can continue to be very vivid like it realy happend like you can just feel it even when years go by

  • To me, both or either one would be helpful. 

    I don't think there is any one right way to manifest through lucid dreaming.

    What I meant with my post is that you can use lucid dreaming to help you manifest. 

    Lucid dream or not, when you combine knowingness and feeling together, the result would be more powerful than just knowing or feeling alone.

    Well, when you truly know with your heart and not just have the knowledge in your head, then feeling comes automatically. So you wouldn't even have to worry about the feeling part.

  • Great comment! Thanks for replying.

    You've certainly changed my perspective on sleep and dreaming, I'd never considered it as a long spell of meditation before I read your post.

    I'll be maintaining my cell talking a visualization but also trying to consistently lucid dream so I can add that to my arsenal of manifestation techniques. Of course, lucid dreaming in itself will be something I know I'll have to work hard for, even my previous comments seemed to take it for granted!

  • According to Seth yes.

    Let's see if your paradigm can shift a little.

    You know how people make distinction between conscious and unconscious? It's very much like how people make distinction between what's physical and what's spiritual.

    However, there is no real separation between conscious and unconscious, as in there is no fine line where the consciousness begins and ends. It's simply all ONE CONSCIOUS.

    Your consciousness just happens to be that very small part of your overall self that you are aware of at any given moment. You can also say that your consciousness is always changing and fluctuating although you may not be consciously aware of that fact. 

    Seth talks about how we are not using our potential because of the unnecessary separation we have made between the awake self and the dreaming self. 

    For the most part, people think dreaming is just something that we do. In many ways it feels like dreaming is "illusion" when in fact it's the closest thing to what's "real"

    When you are dreaming, all that's happening is that you are shifting your focus. That's it. 

    You shift your focus to the state where you can freely experiment and see multiple probabilities and play around. 

    it's the spiritual or the etherial arena where you play around with different probabilities and choose the best according to whatever you are, which then plays out while you are awake. 

    So if you believe in meditation or cell talk or visualization, then know that lucid dreaming is basically same thing. It may even be very highly effective. If you could lucid dream and consciously change yourself as you want and remind yourself to transfer it into your conscious awaking state, then who knows? I don't because I don't lucid dream looolllll. But I will eventually.

    Don't thinking of lucid dreaming or even regular dreaming as something secondary or adjunct from who you are. In a sense, it's just like meditating. If you sleep for 6 hrs, then it's as if you meditated for 6 hrs.

    The thing is when people meditate for 6 hrs, then identify it as definitely being their selves that did it. But when people think of dreaming, they think of it in less practical and physical terms. However it is very much real, practical, and physical.

    I wish you the best.

  • Can you lucid dream at will? Because it's not an easy skill to learn and it's hard to master. I've heard you've got to dull down the level of excitement in a lucid dream or else it'll cause you to wake up. I do believe manifesting through lucid dreaming is possible but I think you'd need a structured plan of action of things you plan on doing during your lucid dream sessions. You'd want to do the same things daily to embed it into your subconscious as being more than just a dream. I've only ever had one truly successful lucid dream and it was absolutely amazing, but I was just so fascinated by it that I focused only on trying to maintain it and wanted to test the boundaries. At this point I just wanted to see if I could read a book in the dream, that I know for a fact I've never read, and be able to accurately remember the first line from a random page and then check it out in the book in real life. Unfortunately when I tried to imagine a book, I kept drawing blanks and I ended up waking up by the time I settled on something.

    Still, the lucid dream itself has had a powerful affect on me as I can still imagine it so vividly that even one session of lucid dreaming on your goals could aid massively in manifesting it if you choose to bring into mind that lucid dream everyday when visualising.

  • I've thought about his as well and definitely agree with Sammi

  • I think so too. It just seems to make perfect sense, when you're dreaming there's no pesky conscious mind to get in the way! =P

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