Day 11 of Natalie's method

Hi everyone! Yesterday was Day 11 and that was the first day of doing a combined technique of releasing resistance + the constant visualization of Natalie's method.

I did some research on clearing resistance, and whether I should be dedicating the most time to that or not. The results of my research confirmed exactly what I suspected. You are supposed to clear it, but not overly so, because then you'd be focusing on it. Because what you focus on, grows and expands in your life. A lot of LOA practitioners talk about "clearing resistance" "let go", "become unattached", etc. like it's your only job to manifest. When in reality, it's not the full picture nor is it the most important thing.  

This may seem like an unimportant update, but for me it's really major because it effectively ends all my doubts on Natalie's method and now I can focus on my desired appearance without feeling I'm delaying results (when in reality, I'm not...quite the opposite). And that's what I'm gonna do from now on. 

So yesterday was interesting. The more I observed my thoughts as they came up, the more detached I became from my current experience. And from that state of detachment, I visualized my desired appearance. After a while, I got a headache but not a very painful one. I felt a lot of pressure in my head. If you've ever had a wake-induced lucid dream, the headache felt very similar to the transition between being awake and being asleep (if you've never had one, you might have no idea what I'm talking about). 

end of day 11 


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  • I visualize as much as I can, exactly as described by Natalie. Naturally it brings up the feeling of having it, I don't have to work much at it. Just start visualizing and paying attention to your desired appearance without resisting your current one and it'll all fall into place :)

  • Oh yeah, I feel it too! I feel like I hit a jackpot of an epiphany!

    That's awesome! Keep doing that. You're not supposed to "resist" you current appearance at fact you are allowed to feel however you want about it while still focusing on your desired appearance. It's not one or the other. For some reason it didn't click until recently xD

  • I think this will REALLY help you manifest quickly, I also want to update you on my progress, since I am also doing this. Remember I told you a couple of days ago, I had a breakdown and started crying, when I told myself I was not going to cry? After that day, I have literally felt no negativity even if I see my current state in the mirror. I am still visualizing my appearance and acting "as if" too. I think I am on the right track. So for whoever is reading my comment, I am trying to say, that if you feel you are about to breakdown and start crying, cry it out. Don't think that you are going to go back to the start if you cry, you are only progressing forward. As a matter of fact, if you hold your negative emotions in, then you are going backwards. Just speaking from my personal experience. 

  • Yes the observing the thoughts in a detached way is also exactly how shamans do it. For your visualization are you meditating and visualizing as well? Or just Feeling As?
  • Hi Mrs. Nand :) 

    What I do is simply observe myself (thoughts & emotions) as a neutral observer, especially negative thoughts and emotions. The resistance melts away naturally. This is also known as mindfulness. It takes you out of the egoic mind and brings you to state of neutrality aka peace and stillness, from which you can manifest your desires easily.

  • Hello shiny sara!

    how are you clearing the resistance?

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