Day 3 of Natalie's method

Good news! Today I got better at the constant visualization that is the core of Natalie's method. I actually identified with my desired appearance (which is drastically different from my current one). My action plan is to focus on becoming a natural expert in visualizing, and expect the manifestation of my desired appearance follow soon after. So I'm not looking for changes now, just practicing shifting my focus. But I notice my skin is a little clearer. However that could be a placebo/confirmation bias. The reason I'm not looking for changes is because I believe if they are noticeable, they will be pointed out to me by other people. I've said this before, but the visualizing Natalie talked about isn't a forceful kind; when you believe your desired reality already exists, you will visualize it naturally. It will be as if you're connecting with another you and seeing reality with their eyes. This is what happened to me today for a couple of hours, and it was quite amazing. Natalie seemed to have a natural ability to do it 24/7, but I think most of us need to practice for a bit before being able to do that.

So far I've picked up a couple pieces of advice (things that help me apply this method)

1. Don't look extensively in the mirror or at your undesired body parts [helps to disconnect from current experienced reality and connect with the desired one if you focus on it]

2. Focus on what you want for other things than physical appearance [builds general positive momentum, and all around magical way to live in near constant happiness]

3. Avoid forcing yourself to visualize if you don't "feel like it", especially when tired or sleepy [my theory is that the more tired you are, the less conscious control you have therefore your subconscious takes over aka you will naturally focus on what you are currently experiencing, not your desired reality. Natalie's method is a way of exerting conscious control over the subconscious mind until the messages are accepted by it, so maximum alertness is beneficial. The same reason when we're learning an instrument like piano or reciting lines from memory, unless those things are embedded into your subconscious well-enough, you won't be able to perform well when you're tired. Wait until you're less tired.]

4. When focusing on what you DO want, it's also very helpful and cathartic to admit to yourself what you don't like. Just don't dwell on it otherwise that gives energy to it in the form of focus. Define what you don't want to experience (your current appearance) and use that as a springboard to definite what you do want (your desired appearance)

5. Don't research new methods or shortcuts, just focus on applying this one and getting better [doing that will take your attention away from this]

6. Practice, practice, practice! [speaks for itself]

end of day 3


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  • Thank you for this. Keep it up! I'm not making posts but I've been doing the challenge with you since day 1. You go'

  • Cool!! Good going...there comes a point , when you are totally at ease with having your desire, being your desire... that’s where it gets tricky, you should try not to take score as Abraham Hicks says ...

  • Thank you for doing this. I am following all your posts
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