Day 5 of Natalie's method

Hello everyone and good day/evening wherever you are :)

Today and yesterday evening I DEFINITELY felt resistance, similar to the kind that made me give up before. It is a very strong resistance, with thoughts such as "you can't do this" "no one has done this before" "even if it's possible for someone else it's not possible for you". I try to recognize those thoughts for what they are - sabotage from the subconscious mind.

Basically the subconscious is executing the commands you've been feeding it from before. It's getting confused and irritated that they're changing those commands (aka changing your focus). My guess is those of you who try Natalie's method will experience a similar thing where you'll feel "hey I got the hang of this!" for a couple of days then crash afterwards and feel a resurrgence of negativity (perhaps even worse than before). The solution? Keep going.

This girl Natalie basically had like, no resistance (subconscious easily obeys conscious, usually means a very focused conscious mind) That's why she was able to do it effortlessly. Now, we can do it too - but not so effortlessly (at least in the beginning) The mind is a muscle, and like any muscle it can be over-exerted. If you feel like it's literally impossible for you in the moment to visualize, pivot, etc. leave it for now. But make sure to come back to it as soon as possible. It WILL get easier with each hill you jump over.

Well I did that, and I'm happy to say that it feels like (at least for now), that my subconscious is finally obeying my conscious mind and it's come to a point where I can look with my eyes open at certain parts of my body and still be able to give attention to what I want to instead. It's not perfect yet but it's much better than when I started! The solution is always to keep going.

The trick seems to be getting the subconscious on-board with the conscious mind's vision.

end of day 5


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  • Sara rose...this was my problem for a while...should it just be the complexion , or hair or whatever....I gave up the struggle , now it’s more like , I am living in my dream body right this sweet dream body has all the components I love , so there ! 

    Hope  that helps 

  • sorry i meant to say multiple desires at one time
    • With time you'll be able to, but I recommend focusing on a couple at the very most. As a beginner you might feel it's too difficult for your mind. It's up to you.

  • I was just wondering can you focus on one desire at a time or is that too distracting? 

  • I won't stop!! I just posted.

    You can find her threads on the 2nd post here

    I also found her method in 2 pdfs which I attached and you can download.  



    Everything you could ever WANT or BE - You already HAVE and ARE!
    Everything you could ever WANT or BE - You already HAVE and ARE!
    • Thank you so much shinysara! 

  • Hi, can you lead me to Natalie's post? By the way, please keep journaling as I have not seen anyone else do this before. It will help all of us. I'm thinking of journaling too. 

  • Great going...slowly ease yourself into the feeling of having it already!

  • Don't give up! It takes time but it will come true. Good luck! Stay positive :)
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