Day 6 of Natalie's method

Hey everyone! Today I'm writing to you a little earlier than usual because I might be too busy later to write a post.

Anyways, parts of today were simply magical. Of course, other parts I felt resistance. But with each  high, I experienced feelings that were new and shed insight onto many parts of the Law of Attraction. Most importantly, the concept of "Believing is seeing". I always understood that if we were to believe we had what we wanted, we would have it. What we see with our eyes would match our belief. Until today, I had only experienced glimpses (if at all) of what it's like to believe without seeing. But today, I believed I had my ideal appearance. Not the entire day, but for hours. The belief would ebb and flow and it felt quite magical. I was not fooling myself. I actually believed it even though I didn't see it. Natalie was able to simply hold onto it the whole time. I believe that as I practice my visualization I will be able to hold onto that belief constantly.

Another thing I practiced in addition to visualization was "feeling the emotions associated with having my desire". I always resisted that notion because my mind's default mode is to reject feeling anything that doesn't have "evidence" to support it. And that is where most of us go wrong! We resist feeling these things because we believe we can't (or shouldn't) when things in our life appear the way we don't want them to. But remember, "believing is seeing", not "seeing is believing!". What I did was visualize to the best of my ability, my ideal appearance, then I tried to tap into the feeling of "what if I did look like this?" Then I reminded myself "oh! I do have it already!! It's not a 'what if'" I took several deep breaths and tried to feel beautiful, happy, grateful, and in love with what I looked like. Once I was able to connect with the feeling, I did the technique of feeling the emotion 10x stronger (this is not in Natalie's method, just another technique I picked up somewhere else). The rest of the day I continued with Natalie's method and it was a lot easier. The times I was feeling resistance, is when I was interacting directly with my appearance. For example, washing my face (because it gets oily), or having to shave, etc. It's best to minimize those distractions and avoid looking in the mirror. But if you do, remember Natalie's words:

"When you look in the mirror, do not see your old feature; do not focus on your old feature changing. That implies that your old feature is still there. You must focus on your new feature being there already."

Yes it's true that she looked in the mirror and was able to visualize her desired appearance, but that's not necessarily easy for all of us and I think we can achieve physical results without needing to master that right away.

What I've found though, is that these effortless visualizations while looking directly at your appearance as it physically appears, do not emanate from the mind. If you're struggling to visualize, that indicates you don't have belief. As Abraham says, the reason for experiencing resistance when looking at your current physical circumstances is the mindset of "it's true therefore I believe I should give my attention to it". The point is, if you didn't think it was true, you wouldn't pay attention to it (aka what's in the mirror). You'd see it BUT NOT CARE. This is really important and I believe this is what Natalie was experiencing. The visualizations just help us get there. 

When you practice feeling the emotions associated with your desired appearance, it's easy to look at your body/what you don't like and completely disregard it and pay attention to what you want instead. You simply stop identifying with how you look in current physical reality. Your mind is somewhere else. I've experienced this today and yesterday as well, but it's something I'm still working on. My guess is when I get to that constant level, then I will have absolutely mastered "Believing is seeing" and my physical manifestation will follow. It's quite amazing and I'm excited to see what the rest of my journey has in store!

This fact about stars reminds me of "Believing is seeing": Many of the stars you see in the night sky don't actually exist. By the time their light travels many light years and reaches our eyes, it's already been extinguished! The point is, things can appear that don't exist anymore, and things can exist before they appear! Instead of travelling physical distance though, they are travelling between the etheric and physical realm!

Lastly, one of the biggest forms of resistance I have/had is that the Universe doesn't "want" me to have my desire. But I encountered a quote that is helping me overcome that belief: "Why would the Universe give you a burning desire for something it didn't want you to have?" :)

end of day 6 


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  • It's easy to visualize my body like I'm watching myself behind a movie screen but I'm having trouble with looking at myself and ignoring everything and visualizing new features. I guess it's a lack of belief. Keep it up! You're doing great.

  • Good going!

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