Day 7 of Natalie's method

Good evening fellow co-creators :)

I have to emphasize the importance of pivoting once again today. I probably won't stop talking about this practice. It got me out of my negative attitude that I held this morning and afternoon. Now it's evening time and I feel my spirits are up again.

Even though I've "just" started my journey, I've come a long way. I try to journal the more positive aspects but that doesn't mean I don't come across rough patches. Today was one of those days. It was difficult to tap into the reality of my desired appearance despite the magical day I had yesterday. For some reason I didn't continue pivoting because I was riding on that high from yesterday. However, the high doesn't last forever! It just gets longer and more frequent with each "low" you pass through. Learn from my mistake and don't try to ride the high forever. Negative thoughts will return and you must keep pivoting no matter.

With pivoting, it's really important not to deny your negative feelings/dislike of what you're currently experiencing. You should absolutely acknowledge them because what you resist, persists. But after acknowledging them, focus your attention on what you want. It'll be nearly effortless if you've pivoted correctly.

The resistance I experienced today I believe is inevitable for many of us on this journey. Constantly not seeing the physical manifestation of our desire can wear us down and make our faith crash, which is what happened with me today despite the strong faith I had yesterday. But you should pivot, you'll feel your faith increase organically without having to "push it". Remember, when you feel down over having your current appearance, you are giving it attention. I mentioned this quote by Abraham yesterday but it's a very profound one. The reason we focus on what we don't want is because we think "it's true therefore I believe I should give attention to it." This goes both ways, good and bad. And if we don't believe in our desired appearance, we won't pay attention to it. It's all about cultivating positivity, therefore on-going faith, therefore attention on what we want. As you can see, many LOA concepts are intertwined.

And as always, the solution is always to keep going! I felt many times to give up but I won't :)

end of day 7


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  • Oooh sounds like it! I'm gonna do that as well, thanks for sharing :)

    • Your welcome! We can do this! 

  • I just wanted to share a little something. In the book "Ask and it is given", there is a chapter that informs us about the 17 second rule, and that if you keep thinking about something, good or bad, till I think 68 seconds, it is very likely to become a belief. A lot of people think about their desire for about 15 seconds max, then automatically think about how they do not have it. I started to work on believing that I have my desire for longer periods of time, because I want it to become a belief. For the past few months, when I would wake up in the morning, the first thought that would come into my mind is how I do not have my desire. It was like it was programmed in my brain. But for the past few days, when I have been thinking only positive about my desire for longer periods of time, I actually woke up this morning and the first thought I had was that of contentment that I have my desire. I didn't even force myself to think that way, it just came to me. I guess it is starting to become a belief for me little by little! I am not going to say I do not ever think negative anymore, because I still do at times. But slowly, I am thinking more positive and I think it is doing wonders for me! I hope this helps some people. 

  • Keep it up! *thumbs up*

  • Thanks, I will! :D

  • Keep going !

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