Day 8 of Natalie's method

Hello everyone, today was a mellow day. 

It occurred to me this morning that one part of Natalie's method is much more important than the other:

"Do not see your old feature anymore. Erase it from your mind."

This is actually more important than seeing your desired appearance in your mind's eye. In fact, after being able to erase your current appearance from your mind, you'd need a very light visualization of your desired appearance.

Sara rose commented on Day 7 talking about Abraham's 68 seconds of pure thought. I tried doing that but I couldn't hold my focus PURELY on my desired appearance. I could think about it for that long and even longer, but not purely (as in no contradictory thoughts). Then I realized the only way to do that is to clear resistance, which means being able to ignore all contradictory thoughts. And that's what meditation helps with. But instead of meditation, I'm simply going to commit to ignoring all contradictory thoughts. I sort of did that with pivoting, but with pivoting you are still reacting to a negative thought by conjuring up a positive one. Ignoring thoughts is simply observing and not reacting. Pivoting is great still, and if it feels right I will do it. But I'm going to introduce the practice of thought-ignoring as well because I think then I'll have all the tools to properly apply Natalie's method.

end of day 8


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  • One thing that is really hard for me in Natalie's method is the fact that she says you MUST look in the mirror. It is extremely hard to see my desired appearance when all I see is my old one. I just try not to look excessively in the mirror, just enough that my mind is convinced that I am not afraid to look in the mirror. 

  • It's cool you're keeping it up. i'm looking forward to seeing how far you're gonna reach, about forgetting you're old appearance i had an exprience with that in the past when i found out that there are people who said they changed their appearance by mind it was just a silly idea to me i decided since i don't like how i look i won't look at the mirror since it was summer i don't have to much i lasted a week or two haha i don't remmember i forgot and looked and i waz struck by how besutifull i look lol i liked myself i was amazed i didn't visualize or thought about changing litteraly nothing changed just ol' me but i don't know why i found myself beautifull i was thinking " is that how others see me in first time?" Haha wierd exprience maybe it will happen to you at the end of the month. also i don't think it's possibls to forget you're appearance in normal days maybe in breaks but it's not really practical so better use my time at home to do that.

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