Day 9 of Natalie's method

Sorry for not posting this last night, I was a bit busy during the day and in the evening felt too tired. There were also no "major" developments yesterday except I've been working on clearing resistance. I've even been developing a new technique that might be able to clear a bunch of resistance while visualizing. I realize this isn't strictly Natalie's method but doing her method led me here. I will definitely update on that!


Interestingly, the first signs of manifestation may be appearing. For example, I woke up with significantly less oily skin but I hadn't washed my face the night before because I got lazy. That's unusual for me. My skin seems to be slightly better but it's too early to tell. I'm gonna work more on clearing resistance today!

end of day 9


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  • Keep goin! What is your method for clearing resistance
  • I think also not focusing on others’ looks will help. Try and feel sameness with them and connected to them. I often feel worse if I see someone I perceive as very attractive. This is much less frequent now. Height still bugs me at times tho.
    • yes, I feel terrible when I see someone more attractive than me, but I will use your advice. :) 

  • That's not bad! It means you're clearing resistance! 

    • That is true, because most of yesterday I was feeling terrible, but I told myself I will NOT breakdown. However, it was not doing anything good for me, and I noticed that after I broke down last night, this morning I felt MUCH better. The saying "whatever you resist, persists" is sooo true. I also watched some very inspirational videos of people that have been "enlightened" and know how to manifest pretty much anything. If you want, I can link some of the videos for you, its pretty amazing :) 

    • Sure!! I'm interested :)

  • Gonna update you on my progress too: So last night I had a complete breakdown unfortunately, and I started crying. Clearly, I am not believing enough because the only tears I should be crying are tears of joy. Anyway, I am still going to keep going because I know there are going to be some bumps along the way, I need to find a way to smoothly get through it. I think I will keep visualizing and just try my best to think positive. 

  • Congratulations!

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