Devestated; the timing is all wrong

everyone here says time is a concept, but it seems as real to me as the keyboards I'm tapping on. I was rushing a sorority and i hit it off with all the girls, and i thought this semester was the last semester i wanted to join, but i didnt get a bid. for gpa reasons. i did everything. i felt myself in the sorority. i saw myself wearing their letters and i saw myself with everything i wanted, and i kept telling myself this morning that i would get a bid or i already got a bid, but they told me no.

please help; i feel like im so behind and i just wish i could start over. please please please help me; i'm becoming almost suicidal

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  • exactly what I was going to say,  just because you didn't get in, doesn't mean you won't keep persisting!

    • guys! it's the timing! i wanted to be in it by this semester but i'm not 

    • I know, it must be really tough for you to deal with right now. Especially since you were soo sure you would get in. I know how you feel and in those moments its easy to start questioning everything, including LOA and how the world works, which probably is adding to your upset feelings.

      I know this may make no sense, but maybe it was for the best in some way.. Maybe there would have been something detrimental in the long term had you gone down this path, RIGHT now. Could you apply later? Or was this the only time? How would you feel if you joined a club with similar minded people? I realize all those sound like sucky alternatives to something that you really wanted, but just take a breather and realize you are still you and the LOA is still functioning. Sometimes the things we understand the least and that really affect us will change us the most. Remember how in many LOA teachings it says, "and if you don't get it, that just means something better was in store". Hold on to that feeling of hope, I think that in some way this will be best in the future, even if you don't see it that way now and all you want to do is cry.

      I understand how you feel.


    • was gonna say the same thing i know how you feel, in that moment the disappointment is unbearable. but trust me every time i´ve felt like the world was gonna end a couple days, weeks, months later i saw it had been for the best. there are always things we feel we missed but i believe if you used the loa to get it without worry or anything and it still didnt work it was for a good reason. you´re never gonna find out what would have happened but you may would have ended up a lot more miserable than you are now. sorry if this sounds cheesy. "if a train doesnt stop at your station it wasn´t your train" unless you weren´t at the station in the first place aka attracted the opposite of what you wanted through worry/negative thinking. just hold on things will work out <3

  • can you just connect with other girls who didn't get in or aren't in?  It's not very universal to leave people out... lots of girls are feeling the same way, you could be the connection for them

  • Are you desperate? Because of you are desperate or wanted to achieve something so bad and you tend to worry a lot, it won't work. You have to visualize with happiness everyday and the move on and do whatever you need to do or follow you're usual routine, of course acting like you have what you want but not in a worried way.  

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