Did I got it right? (methods)

So, from everything I've read in this forum, it seems that cell talking and visualization are the most effective ways (right? or are there other methods that I missed?)

So, for what I understand, those methods would consist of:

Visualization- you have a clear image of that specific feature you want. For exemple, if you want a smaller nose, you just need to visualize your face with the new nose you want.

Cell talking- you just need to tell your cells what to do, for exemple: "cells, I want you to reorganize yourseves so that I have a smaller nose" or "cells, I want I smaller nose".

Is it like that? Is it correct or is there anything that I got wrong?

I would also like to know (about the visualization method) if this is enough just to visualize your desired feature by itself, alone. For exemple, instead of visualizing my whole face with the new nose, could I just visualize the nose alone without the face so that I could focus only in the nose and have just a nose image in my mind?

And should I have a more direct approach or should I put as many detais as I can?

thank you.

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  • Very well said .  Keep it simple :)

  • Awesome reply, thanks!!! Needed to be reminded of that since i also battle sometimes with getting different methods right and forgetting the importance of the overall good state.
  • Hey, thank you all.

    And I have heard of Natalie's method, what would that be?

  • Don't let's make this too complicated. On credit of innumerable success stories, the universe (and by extension your body) already "knows" what it is you're after. Visualization, cell talking and other methods are not chiefly techniques to design desired experience. Rather, they are techniques to align with desired experiences, to consciously seek out their resonance. The affinity we have with the experiences we desire is expressed by our feeling. When we feel good, we're very close to what we want and it may come through into full-blown or developing manifestation(s).

    So visualize, so cell talk, so try out any exercise in manifestation by using it to find what feels good in your desired manifestations. It's not about getting it right, it's about feeling good while you do it.

  • Personally,I take a holistic approach,I visualise,exercise and take my daily mineral supplements.visualise your whole body in excellent health,full of vitality and awareness.Once you have a good focus on the whole then the smaller elements have to be in line with that intention.

    This is Mind,Body and Spirit. Give each what is required to be healthy and happy and the rest will follow.

  • yes. I know. But if I want to change my nose, for exemple, I need to imagine my face with the new nose or should I imagine just the nose?

  • You can focus on whatever you want, whether it be one thing at a time or the whole face. : )
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