Do you guys think I should seek help of a therapist ?

I have been having thoughts about seeing a therapist because at times  I feel like I personally can't win this battle. As you all know, my main goal is to increase my height but I keep failing and the main reason for it I am not able  to  accept myself as I am right now.  I have been wanting this for the past 14 years and I am stuck at the vibration of want.  I have days when I feel amazing and know that I can succeed but as soon as contrast hits me, its unbearable. I know its possible, I just don't know its possible for me. I am just not sure how the therapist will react . do you think its a good idea?

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  • I personally don't think its a good idea. Most therapists will probably tell you its not possible to change your height. You should learn to control your thoughts better. Thoughts create your emotions. Learn to meditate. As someone that suffered from depression for about two years I believe I know what I am talking about. Read As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. At the moment you should work on getting rid of the negative attachment to being short. I'm not saying that you should give up on growing taller but you should at least be okay with the shortness so that it doesn't negatively effect your life.  You should look in the mirror while using the affirmation I am happy with my height for 5 minutes in the morning and at night. Hope this helps sorry if I repeated anything that's already been said.

  • Hi Adraiana1,

    I think the problem is that when you don't accept yourself you are focusing more on what you don't want rather than on what you do want. And of course what happens after that is that your feeling down about your height will put a stop to any growth process that might happen if you weren't so desperate to be taller.

    So yes, if you feel you need therapy to accept yourself more, then do go for it. This is more than an LoA issue here I think: you are feeling bad about yourself in general because of your height and you really need to work on that for your own self esteem and inner peace. Maybe then, once you have accepted yourself and stopped wanting height quite so desperately, the manifesting process will be free to happen more easily.

  • Thanks  a lot Adriana:)))

  • Boianna

    I already have  maybe you didnt see it. so here it is again, she has an awesome channel , look through her stuff
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  • Thanks :))))

  • Thank you Peach

  • Alice,

    I used to follow  her obsessively so you bet I tried doing shadow work, but I remember doing it and it made extremely sad and almost depressed(she said its normal) but it made me have thoughts I shouldn't have had. No matter what I just couldn't accept it as my reality and within days I discovered this forum , it was like God sent and reading success stories made me feel hopeful. I couldn't believe there were people like me out there who use loa to change not just their external reality but their looks. I definitely need psychological help not just spiritual when it comes to accepting my height as it is, 5'4 and not see it as something inadequate or not good enough like I have been told constantly. So doing shadow work is not for me, although inner childwork works for me sometimes. Thank you for the words of encouragement ))))))))) I will definitely go ahead and seek help I've had enough. By the way I have messaged her on facebook and she messaged me saying, its 100% to change your height but you have to be willing to accept your current height to stop attracting what you dont want. She told me to write down all the positive aspects of being short I never ended up doing it lol

    • Oh do that, please! I mean write down positives. Here's why (I'm sure you know all of this, but never mind):
      when you (at least try to) focus on positives about something, you reduce the resistance. And if you do it long enough, you might end up actually liking it! And when you're in that state, you no longer wish to change out of desperation but for fun. And then it's easy.
      I think Abraham also said something like this, that the greatest irony is that once you stop wanting something-bum, it's there, it manifests. :/

      Obviously, this is all easier said than done.. But I really do suggest you give your best in finding positives in whatever you don't like now. (I can give you a couple about height if you want to, cuz I like your height! :D)

      Btw, it's awesome that she responded, since she receives like a hundreds of messages daily, on facebook alone!

    • Yes, 

      I was in the process of reading her book and I was so fascinated by it  because  it opened a whole new world to me.  She also recommended watching her shadow work  on self-acceptance video on youtube ( What are the positives you can give me about my height?

       well,1) I like the fact that I look much younger than I actually am.

       2)I love the fact that Im shorter than most guys and the guy I am very much into.

       3) I love the fact that Im not too short and neither am I too tall , Im just right

       4) I love the freedom I have when it comes to wearing high heels. 

       5) I like the fact that I look super feminent and my height compliments my hourglass body shape. :)))

      Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • Yesss! Those are my positives as well. :D Especially the part about femininity. Every single one of my guy friends prefers shorter girls (tho, your height, and the height they're talking about would not be considered short but average, but i'm saying short for the sake of conversation). Their answer about it is usually something like this: "tall girls look manish"
      "who wants to feel like they're walking with another guy?!"
      "shorter women look much sexier" (in other words, the sex is better. I personally hate that one).
      There's also the fact that men are usually more gentle and protective with you.

      My suggestion would be, google whatever you don't like about yourself- but in a positive way.
      So like, I don't like my height, ok I'll google "why are shorter women more desirable?" or something like that. It's nice to put it like a question.
      I don't like my blonde hair-I'll google something like "why is blonde hair so beautiful?" And so on. Also, read only the positive stuff about it.
      This can be applied for taller women as well, there are positives ans negatives about everything, we just choose where we'll put our focus on.

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