Do you need Proof??

Here are some points I'd like to share. Most of them agreed with


Jay K


  •   Nobody ever photos of a clear physical change. Some people talk about pics that existed one time and now were deleted. The common response in the forum would be: "If you need proof - you not believe" and stuff like that. Sorry but that's too easy. If people don't want to reveal their identity online or something like that, then they can just blur out their face in the pic and show their height growth. Besides, Photoshop can be easily detected..its not a problem. :) If you just have some clear pics in an acceptable resolution it won't be a problem. The "LOA followers reason of the pics absence is that "when people get what they want, they think twice before post something. They just post their success and go away.". Are they afraid of kidnapping?

  • Its just hard to believe that absolutely no one on all of the internet would show what they have achieved through loa...

  • People here tend to say always the same arguments. "you want to see to believe", "if you don´t believe, pics wont make you believe", "try to BE the proof,instead of demanding others to do it for you","the proof you gather will never be enough until you fully grasp and experiment and experience" , etc etc.

  • Some persons here, claimed sometime that they really changed. But then, a few month later you see them asking for proof, or saying that they were wrong and the changed did not really happened.I think they make up stories to try to convince them selves. That story is read by others..and then the cycle begins. Mimi23 (forum user) clearly explained this: "-We need to be careful about all these people telling amazing stories about how they have changed their "lives" or "physical appearance" or "both" What is the main point of law of attraction ? BELIEVE, CONVINCE YOURSELF, START ACTING, TALKING, LIVINGS AS IF, etc...So, what if I really want to convince myself? what if I want to change the way I look? well, First, I need to try to convince myself, so, I need to come to the forum and write a post telling how I already changed or how I'm changing my physical appearance, just exactly as I would write it and tell it, if I had achieved my physical changes, so, when people read my post and begin to congratulate me and making question, then, I start giving answers, and answers, etc and I'm working on it, I'm getting into the vortex of this...(and all that is "supposed" to help me with the law of attraction to get what I want, because I'm trying to convince myself, and I'm acting as I already got what I want!!"


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    my own proof so there ya go

  • I too have a compilation thread of success stories with results and pictures for proof if there are any skeptics.

  • " the problem is you being a bum from hell"

    Funny :)

    Ei Jahara, essas fotos são de algum fórum brasileiro? Essa foto da Iris Santos é muito legal :)

    Abraço :)

    • Eai meu caro. Sim é de um grupo do facebook ^^

    • Legal, a mudança dela é bem visível, parece aquelas fotos do site do Joseph Pierce Farrell, que método ela usa?


    • Ela ta usando aqueles audio de biokinesis (aqueles que eu nunca gostei hehe), mas ela ja vem postando resultados no grupo desde março. Usa a noite toda

  • "Are they afraid of kidnapping?" LOL you're funny! :D
  • I've had a bit of a dilemma with this.  I have photos of myself with noticeable changes, but the changes were done to my face.  I don't really want my face all over the Internet because of privacy reasons.  I think many people feel this way, and that's why there aren't tons and tons of pictures.

  • The problem is not you being a skeptic, the problem is you being a bum from hell and not wanting to do your own research.

  • Iris Santos6367980296?profile=original

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