Does asking for non-specific changes work better?

I basically want a "sharper", "edgier" or "icier" vibe and physical appearance. Part of that is higher cheekbones or a skinnier face. But I've realized high cheekbones aren't the only thing that make people look sharp. I've seen several dull looking people with high cheekbones and sharp looking people without them. Will the universe know what I mean by "sharp"? How can I ask for it? It seems like no one knows what I mean by sharp. People assume it just means a slim face.

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  • In my opinion, YES!

    Look for the vibration of beauty, and happiness, and lovingness towards your face.

    You don't have to have something specific in mind, but let me tell you, The UNIVERSE knows best how to make your face look bangin'. It knows exactly what kind of proportion you need. It knows how "sharp" your nose needs to be. If you feel a beauty, happy vibration, it knows how to change your fact to fit that vibration, so that every time you look at your face, you feel that vibration. You get it?

    HOW doesn't really matter. No matter the physical end result, the feelings are all the same. Beauty, happiness, love, appreciation. You just need to conjure that feeling, and the rest WILL work out, no matter what. It will bring you to the perfect place.

  • I have a hard time feeling sharp. I have chronic fatigue and brain fog issues and my seeing the way my face looks makes me feel less than sharp. Any suggestions for feeling more sharp? I'll try some sharp mind subliminals.
  • I read something interesting about subliminals and affirmations but it still applies here, yes we need visualize and consciously create and I'm not going to repeat how important feeling is, but I'll paraphrase a part of the article: it says as sample afirmations to say how feel with what want, speak in present tense, no negative words. So you don't want to say "I don't want to be broke" if want money. So I can only assume if u were doing afirmations for this ud say I feel good being like... and if you can't believe what your saying you could say everyday I get more and more... so yes visualize with as much sensory things as can. And yes you can say things like I feel good with ideal body, and since universe knows you don't need to say every detail. Basically that article changed my perspective on feelings
  • feeling of what you WANT, haha oops

  • Just imagine what its like doing normal daily stuff in that desired form and feel the awesome feeling.  Feeling and remembering that feeling is the key!

  • The universe can give you all the details you wouldn't know how to describe, don't worry :>  Just find ways to have the visceral feeling of what, that's the most important thing.

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