I've been desperately trying to change my faical appearance since July 2015, this month marks the 2 year anniversary of my struggle. I have been miserable this whole time, I am literally the definition of walking depression. If I find someway to make myself happy first then will the changes happen? Has my depression been what has been keeping my desired physical appearance from manifesting?

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  • Depression doesn't help but it is your beliefs about your desire most likely the problem. But if you do truly become content with who you are and your circumstances, you will not be attached to your desires, that way you can manifest them. But you can still be happy and still not manifest because like I said it is your beliefs.  You being desperate means you don't have the thing you want. To me it also means you fear not getting what you want. You struggling means you putting forth effort and believing it takes a force for it to deliver which it does not. And you being miserable means you need this thing in order to be happy. How can you be in a place of having if you have these negative feelings?  It doesn't line up.

  • Or you do complete ascension and change what want, but usually bliss is associated with tht
  • Yes you do. Or be in vibration. But I been thinking and so many make mistake. Soul is perfect, soul is what's made to be. Body is not the i am. Do not confuse things you hate with hate of self. It's bad and you can't manifest with inner turmoil. On right vibration, happy, joy love acceptance etc is same effect
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    • I sent him a friend request, maybe he'll respond. Do you want to exchange details?
  • Hey aaron do you want to exchange contact details? maybe we can help each other and it sounds like you could benefit from some encouragement (as would I)

  • Hi Aaron, I've just read in a book that feeling good is a prerequisite for the manifestation technique to work. The problem is that if you feel depressed you aren't in the vibration of your desire, you are in the opposite instead. The magic works when you are at peace, happy, grateful, etc. Ask your self that question ¿How would I feel if I had my desire appearance? and match the feeling. To do that you have to believe in your inner reality, instead of believe in the reality your catching with your eyes. Hope it helps, luck :)

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