EFT and Ho-Oponopono

Hello everyone ,Since I read the Shipra technique's discussion that mentioned the EFT technique, I decided to buy a book about it.It's been a few days since I started to read it and doing the exercises, and I have to tell you that I'm really impressed...I suffer from depression and anxiety, and doing the EFT + Ho- Oponopono for a general cleansing it's making me feel less anxious and quite happier.I really recommend that, and I'm going to try that with more specific phrases about physical appearance.By the way, I feel that this is helping me with letting go, and I hope to see myself manifesting more.I whish you all good luck.

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  • Thank you so much for your suggestion!
    Are you doing EFT for this specific topic or in general?
  • that's amazing! hahah i just finished a short session of EFT. Check out Brad Yates on youtube, he's amazing

  • It's from two italians author, but I think you can find a book like this even in English :)
    I'm happy to know that you are feeling better
  • What book is that? Thanks for this post. I'm doing EFT too, and i feel alot better.

  • Thank you for your suggestion Adriana!
  • check out Jason Stephenson for cleansing Hoponopono on youtube.

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