Eliminating baldness and correcting eyesight

Hi all,

I am new to this site. It is a very interesting site and I am grateful that I found these forums.

I was always told that baldness is heriditary and nobody can do anything to it. After reading "The Secret" and some of the threads over here, I started using cell talking and visualisation to regrow hair in bald spots. I have seen some improvement as I continue to follow the techniques mentioned above. It is impossible for me to completely ignore my hair when I look in the mirror.

Does anyone have experience in regrowing hair ?


I am also trying to correct my vision such that I don't have to use glasses.


Any guidance on above topics will be helpful.



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  • I saw this video recently: "Hair Loss Melatatonin Boost": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THv6OrEOmao

  • Hello Serife,

    I'm very happy for you !!! I'm also aiming at healing my eyesight. I hope I'll succeed soon. Can you please tell me how much time it did take for you to heal you eyesight?

    • For about two months or less but I know people who healed the eyesight just in a few days. They used a different system called Norbekov System. Maybe you've heard about it before.

    • Thanks Serife for your reply. No I never heard of this system. I'll google it.

  • BTW sorry for the grammar mistakes in my reply.

  • Thank you for the reply serife day !!! It helps.

  • thank you for sharing serife and congrats

    • Love it Serife Day :)

  • Correcting vision is one of the most easiest thing that you can manifest. I had used glasses for years and it was a big problem for me. I used to think that the only way to get rid of them is to have laser operation. But after reading books like The Secret, I was sure that I could correct my vision without spending money. 

    So I broke my glasses and throw them into a dustbin. That was the only thing that I did. I didn't use any affirmation or visualization because my faith has been already so strong. Now I don't have to wear glasses.

    I hope this reply will encourage you. I know how it is awful to live with something stupid on your nose.

  • It is pretty much a technique in which you tell your cells to do something.


    If you search this forum, you will find some good threads regarding cell talking. I have good experience with that.

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