Let's do the following. Let's choose one person from here and let us all think about that person beautiful thoughts at the SAME time Like at 21.00 GMT; everyone who wishes to take part - writes here he is in; we try our best possible to send positive beautiful thoughts as long as possible, then ask that person if smth changed! Or even better, lets focus on eye colour first, so that everyone thinks the same.
Ideally we then count how many ppl it takes for a change. Let's arrange a date on weekends sometime, the experimental individual could be me.

P.S >
< takes 3 people for that case


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  • This is really wise!! Did you manifest something?

  • Now this is very good !!! That is my problem I guess, I am too attached, how do I not care about what I want?) Thanks a lot!

  • Yeah, I read that. I know what you mean. I was trying to come up with a method, that works better than just oneself on his own, I can not say it did not work because we did not try it enough, Edison came up with light bulb after 10 000 failures. I was not saying you did not change anything, I just came across too many people who try to discourage others, it is good to share your point of view, but I am the kind of person that will never ever ever stop unless I get what I want, so I don't want anyone to be discouraged here in my topic.

  • haha love your logic, if one knows he has changed appearance then he/she would not have to visit this web-site because one accomplished the goal, so what is the point of people visiting this web-site, why don't they quit and stop communicating here hahaha. You have to experiment don't you?? Too many people here who are resistant and did not accomplish anything by themselves but teach everyone else...


    I am happy I tried this! 


    peace out 

  • I am afraid we are missing some important detail... :) I think it might be the actual concentration, everyone has to do concentrate on exactly same thing at exactly same time, I assume, and that is almost impossible via Internet to organize smth like that, we have to be together haha; Sorry, I let you down (
  • How did it go Chris? Any changes?

  • (that's 4 pm tomorrow for all those on the east coast)

  • Great experiment :) I'm in 

  • Saturday what time?

    • What do you say about 21.00 GMT ?

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