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i noe this has been discussed extensively in the past, but I didn't find the previous discussions helpful.  so i have been trying to change my eye color for the past 4 months.  I would do a combination of belief that I have blue eyes (my eyes are brown), visualization, and cell talk.  But I have gotten no results. nothing.  so what am i doing wrong?  thanks!   

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  • lol so what i do is completely wrong! thank you malorie

  • What other techniques you think we can do for quick appearance I release
    Alot of resistance !!!!! So I think I'm good :) I been cell talking
    What's the picture technique your friends does
  • Hey beautiful people, I just wanted to say that I agree with Malorie. I haven't changed my eye color because that's not something I personally want, but it is true that the JOURNEY to getting the eyes you want is what matters. When you understand that everything is possible, and that your cells immediately respond to what you want them to become, there is no reason to put time limits or wait to see when it happens.

    So you might as well enjoy the great experience of focusing on your desired manifestation and trusting your cells completely to do their job without interruption or resistance. If you love what is coming and KNOW that it is coming, then it is absolutely guaranteed. Enjoy the ride :)

  • wow Malorie, ur story and posts are both helpful and inspiring.  I remember in a previous discussion you were having with eye color also, but now you've mastered it :) and in a matter of minutes too!  congrats! i i remember a really long time ago reading that a guy could change his eye color in seconds with his command.  he would totally relax while his eyes were open. then he would think of the color he wanted and just widen his eyes while thinking of it.  I guess it's the same thing everyone has been discussing - it's all about belief.  believing that you already have the desired eye color.  

  • can you explain how we can do the mirror technique exactly? i tried it yesterday but i couldn't concentrate a long time it's very hard, i immagined that my brown eyes are honey and my eyes became instantly  a bit lighter , it's effective

  • this means NOT to place any deadline on the Universe

    ex: Don't say you want your new eyes by December 31, because this creates resistance

    • ah ok thanks :)

  • thank you malorie that's very helpful, i don't underestand a thing, you immagine your blue eyes when you are relaxed or not? and what you mean by "Don't put a time on it" please?

  • I totally understand the whole pic thing. Just wanted to see the eyes not the whole face.  Thank you for the explanation tho.

  • Wow, please Malorie do explain. :)

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