Face structure and body weight! :)

So I personally think I'm pretty but of course just like anyone else here I'd like to improve myself. I moved this summer and am I heading back. I'd like to make my nose smaller, change the shape of my lips, slim my face down, makes my eyes larger, and have a beautiful side-profile. I'd also like to lose weight. Would all of this be possible to achieve in 1 week?

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  • thought I would post this here as its the latest weight loss post!!

    I realised today that I need to LET GO of WANTING perfect weight and realise it is mine. I have set the intention and asked my body, to burn 3 kilos of fat in one night.

    I got this idea today then came across this post by Guiding Ray:

    'So when I was trying to manifest my body change, specially weight and height, I never bothered who was saying what. In fact I will tell you what I did, I was at my highest weight, and I new what is my perfect weight and how will I look like with it and with the height. So one night I said to myself "Infinite spirit, I am asking for my perfect weight and body from long, and I haven't got it, where am I going wrong?" And after 2 minutes I get a message from a friend "Love is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, it will run, but when you stand still, it will come to you." And it just clicked, mean while my rabbit at home started running around (she got a lil hyper active) so I was chasing her up and down, up and down, and the more I was chasing her, the more she was running, then I gave up and sat at a corner, and within span of few seconds she came to me and started licking my feet and it was a twilight moment :D.. Everything made sense, and I realized, I have been chasing my dream ...and I gave up ... I said to myself that in my sleep tonight, my body will bur 3 kgs of fat without any exercise or diet. And before going off to sleep, I just felt 3 kgs light, I get up in the morning, and I see 3 kgs down :D.. So then I had the intention, that my body will burn the fat as per its desire to maintain my perfect weight of 53 kgs. And I released it to the universe, never thought about it, never said anything, never doubted, just did EFT a lot of it, and felt good, I was not even grateful, I just felt appreciation for every one. And I had my affirmations reciting everyday, but they were just about my health and wealth and not about burning fat. So within 15 days I was 26 kgs down and I was 5 feet 9 inches by my moms birthday, and mind you am past my puberty age. :D'

    this to me seems like a sign. she also posted a story that inspired her!

    'I'm still not very good at it all, and not so good at controlling my thoughts, but I thought I'd try to think of myself losing 3kgs in a day. Quite impossible some might think. I haven't loss 3 kilos for 6 years, but I thought, oh well, let's give it a try. I visualized myself in my thin clothes, and expected not to put on any weight ever. I imagined and thought and acted as if I was already there. I ate a whole chocolate cake and a big meal, enjoying the flavors and the foods I ate. I thought to myself, no worries, I've got such a high metabolic rate it'll burn in no time. I did everything a dieters book said no to do. Ate all the carbs and fat and everything. 

    Next morning I woke up, I weighed myself, and guess what, I lost 3 kilos. In one night. It'll stay that way. I now understand the power of the mind. Just say it and know that what you've asked for, you will have.'

    so here goes! tonight, universe I ask to burn three kilos of fat. I trust in you and my abilities. I love that this is so easy!

  • I want to read this articles. I keep getting told the webpage is down. Is there a diff way to find?
  • Yeah that makes sense. Also should I imagine myself as someone else, like a certain face that I'd like to have or just features separate? :)
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