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Hi guys,

I am new to the group and just wanted to know if you had any stories that would help me strengthen my belief in the idea of changing ones of physical appearance! I am still getting to grips with the concept that it is possible (without surgery etc), but really willing to hear what you have to say about it as I would love to be able to change a few things!!

From personal experience I can say that I have had times in my life where I have looked drastically different at stages where I was either feeling really good about myself, or really down and frustrated about my appearance. Obviously as is the LOA, my feelings directly correlated to how I was looking...so I have gone from being called 'the ugliest' person ever and at other times being referred to as 'beautiful' - and one time I have received both these opposite comments from the SAME person at two different periods of my life!

 Although those moment of personal proof inspire me to believe, I often talk myself out of it and put it down to something logical - like growing into ones features, use of cosmetics etc!

Please let me know what your guys thoughts are! xx

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  • This may be a bit late since it is 2018, since I am new member, but I hope in the future, you will re-activate this account again to read my comment:) but reading your experience encourage me a bit. Something catched my mind, 

    "When I went into public school, I was made fun of for looking so "strange" and changing so much, that I felt bad about it and lost the skill".

    This is the challenge I have to overcome, to not let others have control over you.

    "Long story short, I'm regaining back the skill after realizing that I should have just followed my heart and listened to my dad"

    This made me teary-eyed:") Thank you. I feel like Universe is giving me clue. 

    It must be amazing to have such an critical-thinker dad like yours. I was born with close-minded religious parents and they tend to underestimate unexplored non-religious perspective. However, I am happy that I keep an open mind, let curiosity lead me to question anything unheard. Wherever you are, I hope you are happy. 

  • Excellent!!

  • Thanks Raziel, a really amazing post!

    How amazing that you have a dad who is a nuclear physicist! 

    I have often wondered why and how the universal concept of beauty seems to 'favor the few'. Many people hold this idea... that only a select minority in the world may be blessed with naturally good looks (winning the genetic lottery as it were) and that the majority of the rest are just not blessed with these attributes.

    Well...If everything in the universe is vibration - and that our appearance is therefore affected by our emotions - then does this mean that the widely considered 'beautiful' people, are just those who carry the least resistance in this sector of their life?

    For example, maybe supermodels and celebrities, that are well-known for their overtly attractive appearances, are really just less 'resistant' than the rest of us? With disease this can be true, often I have seen a physically ill person who you can just tell is carrying a lot of emotional resistance with the external manifestation. But do you think that such is the same for physical beauty? That resistant thoughts could create an unattractive appearance?

    Would love to know your thoughts! x 

    • These are complicated questions.  First off, we have to remember that the definition of "beauty" has changed over the centuries.  I've even seen a shift of what is considered "handsome" or "beautiful" within my lifetime, let alone the whole existence of the human race.  So, no matter what, we have to truly understand that "beauty" as a standard simply doesn't exist.  It is what we define it as.  What was last generation's definition of gorgeous, is this generation's definition of fat.  What was last generation's definition of handsome, is this generation's definition of burly.  We get so wrapped up in our current situation, that we often forget that the NOW has not always been true.  Beauty also is defined by culture.  I have a Chinese friend that came on a student-exchange scholarship to America.  He couldn't fathom WHY the Chinese girls at our school were getting so much attention, boyfriends, or hookups.  According to him, in China, they would all be considered so ugly.  Here in America, though, we have different subtle definitions of beauty...so they were all considered stunning by the boys!  Conversely, he was often attracted to American girls that would be considered less-than-average in our culture. It's all a matter of perspective.

      That said, I believe beauty actually favors many...we have just forgotten or have been trained not to see it.

      Moving on...Defining why someone has turned out to be "beautiful" is an extremely murky area of debate.  Largely, I think it's determined by individual means, but I have a few thoughts on some patterns.  There are different "types" of resistance in my book.  We will look at a few:

      1.) I believe childhood experiences are extremely important in determining how people look as adults.  If children are "fed" thoughts and comments of "you are so pretty!" or "you are so handsome!" on a regular basis, then chances are, they will carry these vibrations into adulthood.  However, if children are picked apart, made fun of, and made to question the way they look, those feelings of doubt will probably overpower any positive feedback and THOSE vibrations of ugliness will be held and manifest.  Since we are so fragile in our childhood and teenage years, I think that's when we set up our main patterns of vibration and levels of "resistance".  It's rare and a monumental change if a full grown adult can do a full 180 on these patterns, especially if manifestations have already occurred! 

      For example, let's say a little girl is told repeatedly, truth or not, that her nose is too long as a child (even if it is a joke).  If the girl builds up an emotional charge around having a long nose, it builds momentum in manifesting.  She goes to public school and notices other girls with longer noses because she is holding that vibration.  This causes her to become even more self-conscience because she doesn't want that.  She becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the way her nose looks.  Her mind goes wild with it as time goes by.  This obsession grows bigger as the Universe provides evidence or reminders of bigger noses and eventually the girl is not only unsatisfied with her nose, but she now just hates the way she looks overall.  Dissatisfaction always evolves.  The years go by, and by the time she reaches high school, she has hated herself so much that she has probably changed the way she would have looked (including her nose), and chances are, she probably doesn't even remember the original reason why she was unhappy.  These patterns are now so embedded, it would take a lot of work to reverse the "damage".  Not saying it's impossible, but it would take an enormous amount of releasing past emotions, love, strength, and forgiveness with herself.  It took years of obsession to get to that result.  Likewise, it may take full years to recover.

      2.) Another big piece of how we look is genetics.  However, the LOA still applies!  Our DNA is a physical expression of deeper energy vibrations.  So, if we look as someone's DNA, and it says "this person has blue eyes", what it really means is that the deeper energy is saying "this person has blue eyes".  Change the deeper energy, and the DNA follows.  So, we are given "default settings" when we are born from our parents.  We are given a mix of both parents' DNA, and thus a mix of both parents' energy vibrations.  Traditional science says we are simply stuck with the DNA we are given, but we know, with this definition of DNA and quantum physics, that it is simply not true.  However, we build up such an emotional response and belief system around our "default settings" that we have a hard time shifting the underlying energy patterns of DNA so we believe it's permanent!  Release this kind of resistance, and change will be apt to follow.  On another note, I think this is where the idea of "family curses" or "inherited diseases" comes from.  A person received a certain energy pattern from their parents and then identifies with it, holding on to that pattern.  If this pattern is not released (or the curse "broken"), then it will be passed down to the next generation.

      3.) The most powerful type of resistance, I think, is a loss of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-power.  We have been taught to self-sacrifice for literally thousands of years.  People have a hard time realizing that it's okay to have what you want.  It's okay to look gorgeous.  It's okay to stand out and be proud.  Being happy and having everything you want - including looks - is not a bad thing.  There will always be people who disapprove of this, but they don't matter.  The only thing that matters is what YOU want.

      As for supermodels and celebrities, well, I question the very notion that they are beautiful.  Have you ever seen regular photos of them?  Without the photoshop, makeup, and photography lighting?  Most of them look like average people...if not (in my opinion) UNATTRACTIVE!  But for the ones that truly do have a natural beauty about them, I cannot say what in their life has contributed to it (refer to the many influences of appearance above).  However, we can see what celebrities who have unhealthy vibrations do to themselves...obsessive plastic surgery, damaging drugs, overeating, undereating, etc. They literally destroy themselves and steal away their own beauty. Someone's true vibrations always expresses itself eventually.  Physical action, such as deciding upon surgery, doing meth, starving themselves, etc comes after long-standing chronic thought patterns (this is also true for the opposite such as working out, eating healthily, taking care of our bodies, etc.)  No amount of makeup and photoshop can fix an individual's energy. 

      Hope that helps!  

    • Thanks Raziel, very informative and insightful! Especially the different Resistance factors that you raised.

      I definitely have resistant thoughts like those of number 2.) - As I do find it hard for example, to fathom the ability to change my own skin colour (without suntanning and tanning products).

      From my early childhood I have been lead to believe that I inherited my pale complexion from my father's side of the family. Whereas my mother is naturally tanned (so the DNA potential was/is there) I have almost instilled in myself the unpleasing thought that I am just paler than most people! I guess I have been on the vibration of 'naturally pale' for so long the concept of changing the genetic makeup of my skin is a little harder to perceive. 

      Making my skin naturally darker without the sun is one of the physical changes I would love to manifest, would be great to hear if you or any others had any stories/tips for doing this and if anyone has actually done this themselves!

    • I also want to add that "What would other people say/do" is also a great resistance. Like, for example, Alexis here is afraid of authorities, once his change his apperance because he will no longer match his official documents' picture; other people might be afraid that they will be branded "freaks" and so on.

    • Ooooohhh.  Yes.  I agree.  Holding back because we care too much of others' opinions can be a big issue.

  • Oh my god! amazing how did you do it? what was the whole process of doing it like?

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story!

    • I know I won't be much help, but as a kid, I just remember thinking about something, then expecting it, then it happening.  It was the most fluid time in my life and I'm so excited to get back to it.  I never felt bogged down by a "process" - in fact, I would have never THOUGHT of a "process" as a child!  But perhaps that the crux of it...we must be child-like.  

      I do remember that it was almost like a game.  It was fun.  It was exhilarating.  It was make-believe at first in my head, but then because I believed it, I made it!

    • Are you kidding?!  That's a LOT of help! :D  This is exactly what I wanted to read :D  It really is so easy when you just relax and have fun! :D

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