Forever young!

I came across this today:


Rita Rusic, she is 53 and man does she look AMAZING. WOW, Simply WOW.

it makes me so happy to see how great she looks, it makes me believe that when I am her age - I look just as good as that :)


Some other celebrities who look a lot younger than their age:


Amazing, isn't it ? :)


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  • You are right Soma , the body is like  a fantasy , its not real ( well all reality is not real) , the body take the form you believe , time is not real either , nor age , laws of newton , determinism , biology , all theses things dont exist without consciousness ( mind)


    Mind is the tru power , its primary , When you talk with rational peoples , or scientists pro newton , they will say " theres not proof " , but , when they say it , they actually are creating this reality . ( with laws and not evidences)

    So , what matter? you , this is the real way knowing , through direct experience , external means ( Science , others opinions ) will not give you this type of power , but your direct experience through practice , leave them alone.



    • Thanks for your confirmation Jota. Its so encouraging to meet like minded ppl that not only understand and agree but can give even more information and opinions to strengthen my beliefs in this area. Unfortunately my friends all know I look young for my age (without facials, expensive creams, surgery etc) but they would not be able to have a learned discussion about the law of attraction, quantum physics and everything you touched on. In fact they may understand on the surface but they still believe aging is inevitable and we just have to accept it. My goal is to be eternally young and it would be awesome if there were some other ppl on this forum that shared this goal too. My collection of books is growing and I just want to soak up all the information I can so thanks again for your input. It makes me believe anything truly is possible if we just let go of our rigid programming.

    • Cool , about others , i dont bother too much , i already tried talk about the subject , but , i realise its too much to them , they have to change many things in the mind , and this is a work that depend entirely them.


      You see , this information is all over the place , peoples just are sheep and go with the mainstream beliefs , in another words , they dont think for themselves.


      Its a work that you alone do within , this is the reason why you cannot convince others , this power appear only to peoples that look inside . Most are looking outside , hence the " prove me it first " mantra.

      All the answers and all the power is inside of you. The outside is a mere projection of your power.


  • Hi there! Im 41 in a couple of weeks and ppl don't even believe I'm 30. Usually ppl think Im about 28. My goal is to stay looking 23 forever. I believe since we are all energy we should therefore be able to manipulate the energy of our being into  keeping us looking young forever. Its a bit difficult to put into words but what I'm trying to say is if we are not solid and we are constantly changing as our energy being is constantly changing and vibrating... then surely we can rearrange our atoms and vibrate on the frequency of a younger version of ourselves. And we can do all this by the power of our mind, affirmations, meditations and visualization.

  • Yes, I do, Hello ^=^  Well, between 12 and 16 forever, anyway, heee ^=^

    • Right now, 13 :D :D :D  FOREVAR!~ :D

  • You're most welcome Goddess Athena :)
    Anything is possible. :)))

  • As I want to manifest looking younger than my biological age - actually lately two people thought I was 10 years younger hooray!  These are very encouraging thank you SO much for sharing!

  • The mind age you . I mean , you age you . Dont identify yourself with a age that you dont want , and then choose one you want . Others have not power over you , collectivity is an illusion , you can bend any rule you believe .

  • Wowww, they are commentless
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