Free spells website for any issue.


Has anyone heard of real, where you can have free spells cast for you? I used it a while back for a couple of issues. One was a skin issue and whether it was coincidence or not, my skin did clear up. The other was not related to appearence, but you can decide whatever you want to have happen, whether for looks or any other thing. It takes a Little discipline to complete the 8 days, but even so, I feel it doesn't hurt giving it a try.

<a href="" title="Reunite Spell" name="Reunite Spell"><img src="" alt="Reunite Spell" title="Reunite Spell" /><br>Reunite Spell</a>

the website is:

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  • Xara's spells ain't working. But I'll try the other one. Thank you :)

  • Hi all,sorry for the late reply.

    Yes it did work for me this last time as well.  I have tried it three times now. The last time I tried it there were three specific parts to my wish. The first part actually came true on day one. The second part came true halfway through the eight day period (more or less). And the Final part of the wish came true a day after I completed the 8 days.

    It takes a bit of discipline because you have to visit your "wish page" every day for 8 days and repeat your wish each day at 11:11 (am or pm) 8 times (plus a couple of other steps), but if you can set up a way of remembering to do that then it's not too difficult. I suspect it works because you believe it will work (kind of the same as it would with LoA).

    There was one time when it didn't work for me but that was because I had problems connecting to the internet and finally gave up on the wish because I hadn't been able to visit the page each day.

  • did it work?

    • ABSOLUTELY not
  • What do you mean the 8 days?
    I just ordered some spells from this page, but did not read anything about 8 days.
  • i remember doing this.
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