From straight to curly hair

Hi everyone!

Has anyone had succes with turning their straight hair to curly hair? I have a bit wavy hair but what I want is really wavy hair and I also want to grow more hair so that there is a lot of volume going on. Is anyone doing this at the moment or has done it succesfully? I could really use some tips, I'm a little out of it.. :)

Thanks so much!

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  • Today i understand that matter dont exist, this simple understand make my vizualization and affirmations Works, i just use vizualization or affirmation in theses cases. I start a few weeks working with only declaring, deciding that something i want will appear out of nothing...but to sum up i dont have any method, i just use my mind, because most peoples dont use it, they think that things Works through action or with some help of some type entity ( like chaneling being, GOD Anges, wathever) , but its just your mind...wich is to me supergood News...of course, most peoples dont accept it...the good News is only you exist in yur reality...then you can do all.

    One i start believing that im the creator...things start working to, its only my belief that im the creator. Sorry, if i have no tips...the best i can say is...start playing with your reality till you see who are creating it...after it, you do wathever you want...

  • Ok, so when I was younger I had pin-straight, silky hair. It wasn't very voluminous although I think even at that age I had a lot of hair. In 6th grade, there was this new girl at school who had beautiful curly locks. I was sooo jealous and wished my hair could look like that. In 6th grade was when a slight curl appeared in two spots, and it got really frizzy overall. I just kept brushing it, and for two years it looked worse and worse. Until a stylist pointed out that I had curly hair and it was frizzy because I kept brushing it out. Since then I have had wavy/curly hair. I know kids' hair turns a different texture as they go through puberty. But mine only changed after I *really* wished I had curly hair.

    Maybe that had something to do with it : )

  • I did the reverse...curly to can do it to straigh to curly.

    • Oh nice!

    • I have 3c hair and wanted my hair to be straight so I permed it. Now I miss my curls :( later on in my journey I will try to grow my hair out really really fast. I watched the secret and its so simplee!!! :)

  • When I found out about LOA, I read somewhere on the internet that one black guy was straighting his hair via his thought with a great results...he was visualising how his hair follicles were changing.

  • Do you know how she done it?

    • I just msged her to ask. I'll reply back when I get an answer <3 :)

  • A friend of mine's daughter manifested (deliberately, she knows about the LOA) straight hair (from curly hair). So I would assume that the reverse can be done as well.

  • Yes, visualizing the desired results will do wonders!

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