Hello ! 

Recently, I started developing interest in Lucid dreaming and visualisation. 

And I also listen to Abraham Hicks recordings from time to time. 

I want to line up with who I really am, and am actually thinking of visualizing myself, or using Lucid dreaming to do that. 

 I just wanted to know if someone already used these methods to get what they wanted by getting into the vortex. And if you did could you give me some advise ? Are these good ways to feel my way into the vortex ? 

I am also a beginner concerning Lucid Dreaming, I'm still in the stage where I am writing down my dreams when I wake up. It's been almost a week, but I don't know how fast I should be going before I start trying to have my first lucid dream.  

Could you also help me with that, and advise me ? I know I can get this latter information by searching on the net, but when I do so I see a lot of warnings and it kinda turns me off. 

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  • + I personally don't think fasting is a good way.

  • Okay. I'll try meditating from time to time. ^^

    And I'm definitely not going to touch or even go near drugs. Thank you for replying. ;)

  • Yeah, what we believe in is our reality. But anyway, I'm doing my best to remove the fears that are blocking me. I want to start with an unwavering resolution, so I think the best thing for me is to face the fears I have Then, I'll  try having a lucid dream. Thanks for replying. ^^

  • Thank you !It seems like there's much more to visualizing than what I thought ! I am gonna start tomorrow for about 20 minutes and use the voice recorder of my phone. It seems so simple, hope it'll go well for me.

    • Your welcome, It is an amazing tool/skill.

  • Best way I know of to develop your visualization is by practicing image streaming.  www.winwenger.com/imstream.htm

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