getting taller?

hey guys im really intrested in getting taller using LOA. but i dont know anything about it. where does one start. is there books / video / audio cds that can help. 

i honestly have no idea where to start and any help would be appreciated 

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  • Mikaela, that's one inspiring thread! Thank you so much for sharing the link. Feeling a new burst of energy :)
  • Mikaela, out of all the success stories and threads I read, THIS is the absolute BEST. It clicked and made so much sense! I think I hit the jackpot with this one, I have a really good feeling it's what I needed for my "breakthrough"

    Thank you sooooo much !!
    • You're welcome i'm so happy it helped! It's my favourite as well it's amazing!! The way she explains it, you can feel she's being genuine. She doesn't even look for approval, try to sell stuff or post pics for recognition, you just know she didn't make it up! Idk it's awesome. However i still struggle a bit to relax to "communicate" with my body. Let me know if you have some success, which i'm sure you will. Good luck :)

      And thank you jota for your explanations! :)

    • I cannot open the link :( 

    • How come?

  • I think that you can read the articles about subjective reality writed by Steve Pavlina , you dont need agree with everything he teach , but he explain how  one can have direct experience before believe in something .


    My take about all this thing is that consciousness create matter , so , the books that i like talk about that , Theres Busting Loose From the Money Game By Robert Scheindfield , there is The become book writed by Mark Pescetti , he give the book for free in the site .


    The principle , consciousness create matter is to everything , Money , physical appearance etc.


    Good Luck

  • The results i get  are , changing color eyes , more youth , i grew taller , i eat and dont get fat , growing muscles , etc...there are anothers things that i just keep to myself , but its pretty unlimited , you can do anything you believe , take it literally , if you dont , you limiting yourself.



    I just use vizualization , now im starting working with affirmations , what make things possible in my opinion is the mindset.


    Another thing, i hope you guys say "  its all bulshit" , this is actually good IF you test for yourself after.


    There are not magic pill , well , there is , you , you are the magic pill , if you convince yourself , you can do what you want.


    Continuing...i keep Reading about Loa , and dont like what i Reading " all theses peoples just use to get Money and to have boyfriend or girlfriend ?" i want know if there are more ...and i keep looking , researching , but not too , very sceptical " why loose my time if this is something that you get only with action?"


    Then i find the Steve Pavlina Fórum ,and  a guy named Acting like Godot , the guy explain very well , and he talked that if you train , you will see..and he also talk about getting things without action.." hum , this is diferent"...i start with trying get parking space know what , i become very good ,,,so good that i can go to a heavy difficult parking enviroment and make it appear easily.


    This training solve a old problem that sceptics talk " if this is true why you dont make a million happens right here "..the answer is simple , you have to let go the beliefs about something and then you can do it...


    Then i starting wanting changing physical appearances , boy , mostly fóruns just say " love yourself " mantra , then i perceive " theses guys dont know , they dont use to it , thats it" they use to get a promotion , to feel good , or to solve a litlle problems,thats it , here and there appear someone saying that make it , but the others attack theses peoples.


    Another probelm i haved ..i just dont believe in others , funny huh ? so , pics dont are impressive to me , but , i research soo much , that i see that the peoples that make it , say the same " believe yourself , " " practice , dont believe me , believe you " with another words ..


    So , i decided to make my own way , because i cannot manipulate myself ...then i start practicing , i read also a book called " choose to believe " and taked what the guy are saying and started applying to things that are suposed to be impossible ( like i said i keep with to myself) and it Works.


    Basically if you decide that something can happens , it will , no logic here and not rules .


    With time using it i start discovering that Loa is actualy half truth , then i start learning about reality being a dream and then i restart all again , this when i started making changes more efective.

    • not to sound like a dick but i have no idea what u said

    • english is trash...what im saying in the end is can grow taller or whatever you want if use your mind to this task :)

    • haha no problem at all. can you link me to anything that will help me use my mind. that be wonderful

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