getting taller?

hey guys im really intrested in getting taller using LOA. but i dont know anything about it. where does one start. is there books / video / audio cds that can help. 

i honestly have no idea where to start and any help would be appreciated 

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  • Generally when i read Abe fórum i become boring with all the " just get the vortex " stuff , wich is only a way of releasing resistance ( there are others , for example , being calm) , but i really like it here , wich is what i did and start seiing results , is writed by a member called Mona Mthat grow taller :

    "That's wonderful to hear! I think it really started working was when I stopped looking for other people's success stories and how they went about doing it. I just tuned inwards and now I feel great and at peace about the whole thing.
    For how long have you been trying to "change"?
    The best of luck to you by the way "

    Thanks Mikaela :)

    • You're welcome, and yeah me too, i don't check it out that much either, although i like the Abe method of being happy on a regular basis and try to apply it! :)

      Can you please elaborate on what you did and the results you got, i'm really interested, and it's what i intend doing too! Thank you :)

    • I basically did what she did , i start looking a way that Works for me , when i started i was like theses skeptical that doubt everything , the difference is that i only thinked to myself , i dont write nothing about , i dont tryed convince others that LOA is bullshit.


      I was skeptical atheist scientifical type , so , everything that are spiritual i discard of when i read , but one thing happens to me in the past , that Science cannot explain , i grow taller after my 29 years without any explanation , i remember that years ago , i read about subconscious in the book writed by Joseph Murphy , and i tryed a couple of time grow taller using affirmations , but a friend mine bully like  a hell when i say it , " this is say that blabla" then i gve my opinion what i did is the same of letling go...then it happens i grew taller (i remember dreesing clothes in the mal and thie old number being unconfortable , and tem i changing the  major number)


      My friend is like mostly peoples , they talk about things without any experience about it , they are minions of Science .


      This and anothers unexplainable things make start searching about Loa stuffs...


      I will write more tonight.

  • Hi, maybe this thread could be helpful, it's my favourite on the subject! :)

    Abraham-Hicks Discussion
    Abraham-Hicks Discussion
  • also the search function does not work. 

  • all i really see is people saying they got taller and they just dreamed about getting taller. it cant be that easy.

    • So , you have to work first this beliefe right here " it can't be that easy" , this will dictate what is possible or not , and the "how".


      Actually , after you decide that something is possible ( deep down decide) , the how will appear ...acttualy the how appear all the time , peoples just dont pay attention to messages that the "universe" , " consciousness" " GOD" " subconscious" , " the field" , " the real you"  whatever they call it,give to them .


      The power have not fault , its the receptor that dont listen.



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