Hey again, this is actually the same post I put on another group, but I decided just to post it here since a lot of you seem to reply pretty fast. I'm not a big fan of multiple-posting...but I really do would like some help :PSo I've being learning about all of this Law of Attraction stuff for a while now, but what I don't understand is why whenever I visualize/believe something to be true or to happen, I end up getting the complete opposite! This has actually made me begin to anticipate negative events so that the positive events won't somehow get "jinxed" or "ruined". I have no idea what's going on. At first, I thought it was just me having troubles with expectation and attachment (which I sort of do still), but I'm beginning to believe that it might have something to do with my subconscious and limiting beliefs. Problem is, I have no idea what my limiting beliefs are D:If anything is struggling with this or has struggled with this in the past, what have you done in order to solve this issue?Also, I'm really tired of thinking negatively all the time in order for positive events (or things that I desire) to actually show up. I want to be able to visualize and think positively AND get what I desire with letting go.Answers and solutions greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Sara k i suggest that you read the superman threadt called theres not free will only Faith., hes talking about getting ex back, but you can use it to anything.

    I dont use more the theory about subconscious anymore, because to me, what is unconscious have not importance, i mean, the conscious mind is where you create. I dont think you are getting the opposite, i think that you getting what you alwyas get.

    I will try explain, my english is noot soo good, so i will at least try. You have a reality alread implanted, your reality will be the same while you dont change your mind. Easy till now. So you will always see the same thing over and over.The same peoples, the same cirscunstances, the same appearance.

    Then you start puting a new belief, you visualize it, the new belief will be reflected, but whyile you areedoing it mentally, the old reality yet wii be there, your job is keep the the new reality in your mind till it reflect.

    So, you keep you rnew reality in consciousness, your consciousness, the outside will vanish, with time. What peoples do, is, they do a few visualizations, or affirmations, most in weak, almost unmotivated way then they run to see the new reality, then they dont see ( because the reflection yet dont happened) and they think " oh, no, this is bullshit, are not working", then they loose the new reality and keep the old.

    You are not geeting the oposite, you are getting the same. Sometimes peoples get the negative fast because they really believe strongly in the negative . The same ocurr with peoples that believe strongly in the positive,even unrealistic things ( wich dont exist, nothing is unrealistic but your beliefs about it)

    A great and superimportante advice, ignore all things and peoples that are negative, sometimes is not possible, but do you best to dont read pessimistics, etc. They try take you to the same weak position they are, wich definitely you dont want be.

    Good luck :)

  • i had doubts at first even though i really wanted loa to be real cause it make me happiest person in the world, so i never gave up.i even proved myself loa is real. reading others stories at first got me down cause i was skeptical and thought they made it up,but now i have my own success that others wasn't making it up. i just stop read success stories all night to actually doing something about my dreams.

    nothing would happen if you dont get up and take action.

    • what success?

  • i get about the jinx thing. people sometimes tell you knock on wood keep your dreams a secret or they wont come true.

    i had thought every time i tell somebody about something great gonna happen for me soon, but then it go horribly wrong and thought i jinxed myself or god was mad cause i bragging.

    this jinx stuff happens cause we believed it from our friend, so fear of jinx attracts jinx.

    and the jinx idea could be that limiting belief.

  • Physical change wont happen. End of story. Give up. Focus on something else.

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