Getting the opposite?

Hey, all. I've been lurking around here for a while but this is my first post.

So I've been using the Law of Attraction for over a year now in the hopes of losing some weight and getting a bit taller. I've become somewhat happier and more grateful over time, and I'm trying every day to be more accepting of the body that I have so I'll have less resistance to it. However, I measured myself against my friend today, and I actually showed up as being two inches shorter than I was before. Not only that, but I've now gained some weight that I just can't seem to get rid of.

Any thoughts/advice/stories about this would be greatly appreciated, because I was feeling like I was making progress up until this point, but now it seems like my body's taken a step back.

Also, sorry if this has been discussed before, I forgot to browse through all the threads beforehand...

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  • totally! walking for hour  is the best way to burn fat , not even running but walking. Why ? because walking reduces cortisol, stress hormone.. especially if you walk outside

  • I suppose it isn't as strong, at least for the height. I'm already 5'6" 3/4 (last night I measured 5'5", which was what freaked me out), but I'd like to be at 5'7"-5'8" -ish. The weight's more of a problem for me, so I've been doing a lot of work on it, but I've been working on it for so long that maybe my desire's gone down. I guess I should try to get more of the desire back, then?

    • So you were originally about 5'7, and you pretty much want to be your original height?

    • I'm almost there now, but I'd like to be 1/2 an inch to an inch taller. I know it's not much, but I'd like to act and possibly model too, and being at least 5'7" is very important in the modeling industry. Which might be part of my problem, maybe my expectations aren't realistic.

      Thanks for the help, by the way!

  • It is really weird. It's interesting, though, sometimes I notice I look differently in the mirror at different times. Like sometimes my nose seems more defined, sometimes less; sometimes my waist looks pretty thin, sometimes it doesn't. Maybe I should keep a log of what I see in the mirror and how I'm feeling at the time, could be interesting.

  • Yeah!  I'm usually 1/2 - 1 inch taller in the morning.  I always like to measure myself at the end of the day, if at all, heee :>

  • You are taller in the morning,and weight is just a bitch to get rid of for some people,don't read too much into this stuff.
  • This is exactly like Adriana's story!! This is the great catch 22 I was talking about. It sounds to me like you are accepting and loving your height and weight, which means you are letting in more weight and more short height. Is the desire to grow and lose weight still as strong?
  • wow, I feel your pain. I was measured at exactly 5'4 last year and yesterday dr measured me at 5'3 with sneakers on. She was like did you shrink or something? I swear its the weirdest thing ever. I have been 5'4 for as long as I remember and now that I have been working on acceptance i have shrunk its crazy I dont know what to even think 

  • I recommend this to everyone that wants to lose weight. Walk 1 hour a day, drink only cold water, take only cold showers, limit  food intake to 2500 calories. Log everything you eat. If you don't lose any weight in one month walk 2 hours everyday.Drink cold water. Take colder showers. Eat only 2000 calories. Keep log of food eaten. If you still haven't lost any weight which should be impossible by now. Do 20 sprints everyday. If your still not losing weight your  eating way more than 2000 calories.

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