Getting those killer face cuts or Plumping up a Gaunt face

some people think you only have to loose fat from your face to get face cuts like movie stars. While thats true but sometimes it results in gaunt face that aint that attractive. 


To get those cuts you need to have proper distribution of fat on your face. Its really surprising how much a person can change his looks like this. Take my word on it. It also depends on your features how you want to fill up your face. If you have a big nose, fill up your face enough it will make your nose look smaller. if you have sharp features you need to burn that fat on your face in  a proper way to get cuts.


Its really not that big a deal. FOCUS is the key here. You need to focus strongly on your cheeks and in few seconds or maybe a minute or so you can start feeling that tingling sensation. Now once you are certain you are feeling it its upto you where you want to take it. Be certain it will happen. It depends on your thinking. If you connect this tingling sensation to plumping , your face will become fuller and vice versa. 


You can make yourself look cute or hot or hot and cute at the same time. depends on how you manage to fill your face. 


If your focus is strong you can do it in hours. 


People with gaunt faces i assure you this is the solution to your problem. you just need to stay positive and not being concerned about your face as its your deep concern and constant checking your self thats creating problem for you . You are simply chanelling negative energy and you need to convert that into positive. i declare this with 100% certainty. You do not need silicon fillings or anything.


if you have any questions , any doubts. feel free to ask me .. 


For chubby people who cant reduce it from their face. I assure you , you just have to do the opposite of what people with gaunt faces are doing.


You need face cuts you need to distribute fat on your face properly. Its upto your imagination how you want it and do it. 


Similarly for girls. they can grow their boobs bigger the same way and for male gynecomastia sufferers, they can reduce it.


Since this is spot gain and spot reduction. you can do it to any other part of your body aswell .. 


have fun... 


Oh and yes i have done it .. no question about it ..









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  • Nice haha :)
  • Salenai, i dont have any experience regarding scars or acne. Sorry 


    About hair problem i discussed this before, its just negative energy you are applying to your hair. Actually thats a good example. A person suffering from hair loss is conscious 24/7 that his hair is falling. What he doesnt realize is that he is causing it himself by being concerned all the time. And what makes this certain? he is sure that his hair will fall. 


    Take this example and apply it to any other part of the body.Be that much concerned and be that much sure but instead of being negative , be positive. If you can make it fall, you can make it grow again.


    Make a game out of it. Consider there is a mafia of evil cell residing in that particular area of skin and you are the cop cell. Kill them and each kill makes you stronger and more powerful.


    Be creative... | Schoonheidsinstituut Body
  • Hi Digger, I want to ask you,do you have any experience with filling up missing skin tissue,or removing excessive skin tissue? I have a facial scar, which is very slightly raised,lost part of the pigment,and also above the raised scar, there is veeeeeery slightly depressed scar,that goes along the raised one. I scarred myself more due to use of dermatological products...

    Also, perhaps regrowing hair or healing skin issues (like acne, or perhaps eczema, if you have it, not sure, I know many people do nowadays), or other health related issues?

    Thank you very much, your words are very inspiring :).

  • You have to figure out what works for you . 

    Try this. 

    Imagine a smaller version of you inside that particular area you want to change. if you want your cheek bones to protrude imagine him/her pushing it out.

    Use your imagination ...

  • How do you guys get the tingling sensation? I have only successfully been able to get it to happen in my lips one time. What exactly do you focus on? The image of the body part of the sensations that it is feeling at the moment. I tried to focus on my cheek bones but I didn't feel anything. Could you get the tingling to cover the skin entirely? Thanks guys :)

  • we dont have to physically look at it haha :)

    • I have just imagined that picture hahahahah :)

  • i have another question..must we focus by looking at that particular part or must it be a mental other words do we ACTUALLY look at that part or do we look at it in our minds?
  • If you believe it will work, it will.
    • Yeah, I kinda just realized that lol :D

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