• This might be a TMI but although I have GREAT breasts - I DO!! & I get compliments never complaints ;-)

    I'd like to make them more uplifted & perky.  They are NOT droopy & are in great shape but I'd love to get that um push up boost, without a push up bra, so I even looked that way naked - pref WITHOUT surgery.

    To my my fabulous boobs even MORE fabulous!

    I might at one stage when I can get a custom made hypnosis & include this on it ;-) 

  • I think the main thing that helped her was the weight gain, but glad it worked for her
  • Shannon who makes the SUBS doesn't really even believe in height increase after bone fusing, so I'm not understanding how he/she believes other. The results are nice but the person never came back to give final results I hope all is well and she didn't get discouraged or something.

  • Hey Chrissy, could you tell us why you don't feel like changing anymore?

  • OMG I can't see the hypnosis !!! Do I gotta sign up too.
    • I'm not sure what you mean but if you want to see the pictures, yes you do have to sign up. It takes 2 seconds and it's worth it. I am browsing the site now.

  • You have to register to the forums to see them. She posted before and after pics in her 3rd or 4th post...scroll down. 

  • WOW That is INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, FANTASTIC!!! Sorry I am soo soo excited that someone actually posted physical photographic PROOF of their accomplishment. And that is without a doubt her in the before and after, and her breasts are real in both (so no naysayers saying she got implants because you can tell when they are fake). This is truly incredible. I know for myself I got rid of my acne but to see this just makes me feel even more hopeful about how much more we are all capable of doing once we stop listening to the naysayers claiming things are "impossible".

  • Honestly, everyone should really check that site out amd some of the things they have. Tbh I don't even feel like changing myself after I used some of his stuff.
  • I came here for nudity and I left with a membership to another forum... 

    Nah I'm joking, I only saw the thumbnail which doesn't give much away. Though looking at boobs in the name of Law of Attraction would be quite awesome.

    Come to think of it, I'm starting to develop a set myself D: lol

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