Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone is interested in a idea Saul suggested earlier about starting a thread dedicated to changing physical appearance as a group. I've seen others like Granting wishes experiment where people write their wishes and all you do is read others wishes if you wish yours to come true. By reading others wishes you amplify the energy. 

So I'm open to see what others suggestions are. I personally think something to that effect can work as we also continue to do our cell talking and sending love to our bodies. 

All ideas/suggestions are welcome:)

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  • It's not quite the same idea. Instead of sending love to yourself you're selflessly sending your love to others. The benefit is that if you send love selflessly it will benefit you as well. The idea isn't that you focus your love on others for your own self gain, but to help others instead. And if we can put our own desires aside for a short amount of time, focusing on another person (or persons) entirely, without the ego looking for ways in which it can benefit itself, then that is when you may well see a miracle happen in yourself as well.

    I'm actually describing this wrong on purpose, because really we're healing the Universal self, like Şerife said, we're one. And you've got to reconnect with that oneness to heal each other.

    Also, congratulations on your own manifestations :)

    • Saul, Thank YOU for this awesome idea, your time and sharing more suggestions:) I just have one question for you. Given you've gone through the whole thread so far.. What do you recommend as the best thing to do? Most people are "ignoring" the one request at a time idea and timing or even a sort of order. Everybody is kinda just listing a bunch of wishes and kinda doing it their own way. I thought the 2 days thing per person was a great idea but I don't wanna push it down anyone's throat either. 

      Personally I started sending love to everyone on this forum yesterday n it felt good doing it:)

    • Well if this is anything like the remote healing that I've read about then knowing what their desire is shouldn't matter. I've known of remote healing working for people that didn't want to share details on what their problem was and yet it was still healed. All that really needs to be done (I guess) is that the person that is wanting the change(s) would think a lot about their desire(s) throughout the day. I'd assume it would be easier to change one thing at a time than trying for loads but I guess it's up to the individual if they wish to potentially slow down (or stop completely) their chances of manifesting.


      For example, someone may have stated they wanted to change their skin tone but then their day fell onto the day of a lottery draw and because the "healers" (as I'll call everyone sending the love) sending the love aren't fixated on a specific desire, that person could then focus their mind on winning the lottery instead, or something else. Or maybe they got an unexpected pimple and they fixated on that disappearing, the love sent towards nothing in particular would amplify its recovery.


      It doesn't hurt to know what the person wants but I also don't think it's essential to worry about what they're after. The less you know then that's maybe for the best, as if you don't know what you're trying to manifest for someone else then you can't doubt your ability to make it happen for them. 


      Also, 2 days sounds perfect, it's not too long but it's also more than enough love to have some significant effect. If that person spent 2 days doing their usual techniques whilst having several other people sending them love, then the manifestation should be inevitable, even if that person has some doubts. 


      Bear in mind that not all results will be as miraculous as what happened to Şerife. It could take hours, days, weeks, or maybe even months for the results to be visible. If they do manifest immediately then I request we form a secret covenant and control the world with good intentions from our hidden liar... which we'll also manifest lol

    • This is my opinion on this. We have already made the list. Let everybody tell one thing we they want to change to begin with. And then we do 2 days per person and come back again to the 1st person. If peopel want to go ahead and send love to everybody else after that. They can (as if I can stop that ;))

    • Thanks Alchemist. I appreciate this.. I thought so until I kept seeing people saying add me to the list and write a bunch of stuff so got me wondering did they read and see what the "rules" of this forum is... Do you get what I'm saying? I took off the other list cos there was a lot of contradictory stuff and I felt we weren't all on the same page. If you read the whole thread u will see what I'm saying. I think I'm gonna start commenting on every1 who is writing more than one and remind them so we can get started..

    • I dont know when we were going to get started so I started giving love to everyone on list. I had a 30 min session today. I might just do small 10 min session bfore sleeping every night to give some more love.
    • Me too! We are gonna start soon. I liked Saul's additional idea of giving it at least a week for people to respond n then we start so fair enough by end of the week. I've been sending love to everyone every night.This week I'm doing what Serife did. By just having every1 in mind and sending love without paying attention to the details

    • thank you saul, i underestand now

  • Şerife that is awesome! And thank you very much. I think because you focused your attention purely on other people, it allowed you to "let go" in that instance and that's when miracles happen. It reminds me of what Dr. Frank Kinslow teaches with his Quantum Entrainment, which is about clearing the mind and getting in touch with pure awareness. Pure awareness is the energy that makes up the Universe, and love is the most natural form of energy, it makes sense that you hit that "sweet spot" and were able to heal yourself whilst in the process of healing others. That's my attempt at explaining it anyway lol.

    But congratulations and thank you very much for the love :)

    Also, nice to meet you, and are you joining the list? I'm sure you've got many admirers now wanting to return the favour :D

    • Your explanation sounds reasonable. And yes, I would like to be in the list :)

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