Grow taller ? Believe.... ? But how?

Hello everyone, I am looking to grow about 4 inches, so i go from 176cm to 185cm.

I have understood everything! But I just can't "BELIEVE"...The reason for that, is that every time I look at someone taller I think that he is taller than me.  

And the second thing is I just cant "let go" of growing taller I think about it everyday!!

What to do??? HELP??!!!! Its because of growing taller that I found out about Law of Attraction.

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  • @Peter where i can find the picture ?
  • The best thing to do is to forget the goal, and focus on how you feel.

    It's a trap to think "My thoughts are like a magic wand" because it just necessarily causes you to believe that what you want isn't here yet. And of course, you begin to lie to yourself. You repeat your affirmations, but you don't feel good.

    Inside you feel frustrated that nothing has arrived, and you don't think it could work.

    so just feel good with no strings attached, or do more of what you know makes you feel good...little things.

  • Hey have you had any success

  • Allow yourself to believe bro.

    Write it down on paper over and over.

    Stand on something or wear high heels and take it all in, like you're that height.

    Start with the mirror and being alone; picture being taller while you're standing around things and as you imagine walking around the house. Know that you're that height, regardless of other people's height.

  • ahhh ok....thanks guys!!!


    Bashar - Circumstances Don't Matter Only State of Being Matters

    It's your fault that people made you feel doubt about the change .. what really matters is what you believe gradually everyone will see the Change…
  • Letting go is not worrying that's it's going to happen. You don't have to forget.

  • The skeptical is super powerfull, look how they are consistent the beliefs they Faith in reverse, they never hesitate with what they believe, this is the reason why is useless talk with them...too much Strong force in their minds...

    • Lol, exactly!  I will be THRILLED to post proof pictures/video/whatever because when I look how I want, it'll be so much fun to show everyone pictures and stuff ^=^

  • i dont get why there is so much doubt

    the world its self a miracle with all its creativity, 

    you dont need to see proof why dont pple instead of waiting for proof, they should prove it for themselves, instead of waiting for proof

    simple as that.

    it can happen

    one example is me, i actually changed my eye color a few years back, and even though my eyes are brown now, that doesnt mean it didnt happen, i posted everything on my website, and the before after, but still i get pple saying "na it doesnt seem like anything change" but i know what i saw

    second after i have made my own technique accidentally  ( which i am about to bring out in my ebook very soon)

    my mom , brother and dad actually saw the change, they saw i had grey eyes, they told me themselves but they thought i was waring colored contact lenses! except for dad who actually doesnt believe at all and really thinks i wore colored contact lenses and lieing, my brother is still puzzled to this day and he mentioned it a few months ago he told me " your eyes i have never seen them this way they look grey but like an animal, i wish that my eyes can turn that way, can my eyes turn like yours? i want my eyes like yours" and he doesnt even know i did anything he was astonished still, and that is real when pple react to you is real, and just because people dont share everything on forums doesnt mean it doesnt happen.

    like alot of pple say they like there privacy they dont want to feel judged or seen as crazy, it took me courage to post my eye pics up, and it takes alot to put yourself out there to be judged my pple. thats the reason not that its a lie,

    here is my website 

    i even wrote a free report but so many spelling mistakes i have to clean it up first 

    hope it helps the believers to increase there faith, and as for the doubters well i cant really help them

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