Grow taller sucess from another forum

I have made available to me to translate a successful grow taller from another forum.I want to make clear some things:

-I just translated the posts from the creator of the topic, the posts of other members were just about insults, you do not need it.
-I'm not saying that this is the method to grow taller, this was his method, and I found it interesting.
-Some parts of your posts I did not translate I'll explain why: This guy he was like Drew, he always claimed to be inferior because of your height. His girlfriend cheated on him to stay with a taller guy. So, in many parts of his posts he says that being short is to be inferior, and he also ridicules women. So I just translate the part that matters to us.
-I edited some post (see above)
-Sorry for some errors, english is not my native language
-Here is the original topic:

Here go:

I grew taller after my 21 years see how:


I grew 12cm in 8 months, so much accumulated sexual energy and overflowing. I was depressed, but I began to notice that I was growing up, it encouraged me.
I used a number of techniques for mental-biological control to achieve this.
I had 1.71. I felt inferior, devalued and snubbed. Today I to with 1.83m. (22 years).
I felt so convicted is low, wanted to dismiss me, kill me, I was crazy enough to make things totally surreal in my mind, in my self-control, biological control in my, in my self-esteem, my motivation . Everything everything everything to get taller. I wanted to be taller anyway, anything that was worth to try: Stretching, exercise, food, mentoring, abstinence, sexual stimulation, stimulation of desire, prayer, God, faith, magic, knowledge, sound stimuli, self-delusion, meditation, dreams and etc .....
I did EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, and if still did not work I would look for something else to try. Who really wants something can. Some say it was just a coincidence, my biological abnormality. I do not believe, for me it was the will.
Do you accept being shorties? I do not accept. There is still hope my dear.
Some people will laugh because What do I spoke according to professionals is impossible to be done. For those who have no choice, which gives  worth to try this, so why not try to do the same as me, and help develop the technique? (I'd like to form bonds with people who identify with me, for the sake of a noble cause as this.)
Who lives in the same city as me, can get proof of my height.
It's kind of complex to understand, but after learning that is simple to perform.
Sexual energy is the most powerful energy of the whole universe, is the creator of life energy.
This 'channeling the sexual energy' is already widely used, is to simply go without sex / masturbation for a while, and take that energy and desire to do sex you've accumulated over days or weeks, and use it to do other things .
Besides all these benefits, go without masturbating will make you much more willing for you to work on your projects. One of the smartest men who ever lived in the world of business, Napoleon Hill, once quoted in his book "Think and Grow Rich, the man of true success is one that directs your sexual energy to work on projects to build wealth ', and I am in full agreement with him.
Go without masturbating will only bring you benefits, stipulates a goal for you, feel free to masturbate as often for a few days or weeks, turn off your TV porn, direct the sexual energy (the most powerful energy in the universe, it is the force creator of life) to other areas of your life, thus increasing their personal magnetism, see how women and other people will start treating you.

Here the quick instructions:

1 - You need to want VERY MUCH want, as if his life depended on it.

2 - You need to feel the internal tension (the one that usually generates anxiety) anxiety to receive the energy you expand. Anxiety to be something better.

3 - You need to know how to meditate, understand the 7 chakras and keep them the highest possible, and balance.

4 - You Need To control your mind, control your thoughts, and not let bad things let you down, you need to self delude the maximum, to stay in the best possible state of mind, no matter what the reality is.

5 - All fear will lock the process, so do not be afraid to not work. Do not rely on your logic, it is limited. You can call it faith.

6 - You need to feel your body, do not think anything, just feel your body. Feel your bones, browse it, think about your body. Feel in control of it.

7 - Do not waste your sexual energy, you have to be very high libido, the effects will be more effective, after all you will have MUCH will even wanting to climb the walls, but instead of doing so, channel that energy to your body, what you want to happen, grow, feel your bones and do  grow, your brain can find in your subconscious trigger that does this, if you believe, you will actually feel your body expanding.

8 - Imagine that you will expand, remember, every imagination is real, if you imagine hard that your toe hurts, in fact it will hurt.
Note: the chakra of imagination corresponds to what we call the third eye, it is in the pituitary .. coincidence, no? precisely there that the tumors are those who have the disease of gigantism.

9 - The libido is intrinsically linked to self esteem. Get going with the body that you want, how you want to be, and believe that you actually are, that will further increase your sexual energy. You will feel the region of the reproductive system finely vibrate, and while channeling will feel like an orgasm in your bones. You have to design it, through imagination, put on your body. Believe me, this project is * real. When I do that I feel very hungry.

10 - Trust in yourself, trust that your body will actually respond to their desires, their needs, these sleep states of concentration, but quiet sleep, you'll wake up the next day with a feeling in the joints (signs of growth)

11 - Have faith, keep possession. With your mind, determine what you want with authority. I know it sounds religious garbage, but it is for biological control. You can use their religion to get that emotional ecstasy, it helps.

12 - When you wake up, believe the same faith ... that you grew something. After a month of trying, go measure (but always with attitude). You  will be surprised.

13 - Imagine the faith, which is a growing teenager, or a child, you feel like one. You already heard of psychological pregnancy, and how it actually produces changes of a real pregnancy? then you need to make the psychological puberty;).

14 - Fuck what the world says, no one knows much of anything and not sure of anything, do not limit yourself.. We all have more power than we realize. Do not trust when someone says it's impossible.

15 - Fuck the rough and intimidating reality that will make you disbelieve in what ta do. The reality that you think is reality is an illusion.

(He also posted many news about placebo effect to the skeptics on the forum)


Make your sexual energy becomes accumulated, and stimulated in your body, you feel, you'll be full of energy, but need to have self control, do not throw much your sexual energy out, enjoy it to have high vitality. Genetics is not the only factor that determines the height above all is  the body control that determines this, control your mind to control your body.


Who have will can have everything, your body will is fuming with ease, you will feel like an orgasm in your bones.
The sexual energy is so strong that it do miracles.


The mind controls the body. Control the mind to control the body, All remedies are already there.


Is not only not masturbate. It must be channeled, enter into communication with the body. You must find the keys that trigger reactions in the body. It is like an invisible trigger, which requires much self-knowledge to find.


If nobody could, does not mean that guy can not achieve. Everyone will say, it will not work, because they could not, because they have not will enough for that, if left to defeat. One should not overestimate people about to let them say you can not. No one is sure of anything. Nobody can say that something does not work without even trying. Humans have many hidden abilities, as well as the placebo has the power to activate the self-healing ability of the human body.We should never limit ourselves.


My body grew proportionally, my penis grew a bit too.
No, they are skeptical. Results were visible within 1 month. It is an exercise in self-control.


I did not just limited my self to some scientists who think they know the absolute truth of things. If they tested, tested wrong. If tried and failed is because they did not try to right. It guesses scientist.


Those who truly want this, do not say "I'll try", say "I will invest up to achieve.


We changed several times in life bones every two years, the skeleton that you have today is not the same as you had two years ago. Our bones also regenerate because they would not stretch? Anyway who want to try sending me inbox message.


This is for those who truly want it. If you do not have will enough for it you will not get it.


All who attempt here, after a time of abstinence and plumbing, with high libido, guys will feel sensations in the joints, particularly the ankles, knees, spine, wrists and elbows. Are the same feelings of teenagers who feel little pain on growth spurt. That's a good sign. If you go to sleep well, relax, sleep VERY well, and confident that overnight, things evolve, have confidence when they wake up the next day, will feel the stiff joints to move through the first time, this is also a good signal.

post 44

those who enjoy the subject about the universe, the mind, magic, occult, hermetisms, spiritualism, bodybuilding, personal development, etc., and want to talk to me, share ideas, my skype: lighting.cock


It's like placebo effect, any superstition or belief will help.


You need to want this like if your life depend on this.


Last comments: As we can see, this is a fucking great success about willpower. This guy was literally like a Drew, but the difference is, he did not sit and cry to everyone, he did what he did.

Many many times he emphasized that he did not accept the condition which he was. He said that he will grow one way or another.

Was this what I tried to explain to Drew many times. I hope that helped someone here.

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  • Jahara you grew with "NAP" from
  • Did you really grow? Explain that. Why dont you show pics?

    • Like a Drew lol

  • Interesting article. I am a female who's 5'4" and that's okay for me. There are times when I wouldn't mind adding another inch or two, but I haven't paid much attention to it. Maybe I'll try an experiment and see if I end up growing another inch. :)

  • Well I've never tried to make myself taller using loa because I was always my ideal height but I can tell you what made me my ideal height. When I was in 7th or 8th grade I was 5'3 maybe 5'4 and the average height for all my family members is 5'7 maybe 5'9 if your lucky. So I used be obsessed with John Cena(the wrestler) at that timei and he was 6'1 and I wanted to be like him so much that I wanted to be as tall as him. All I know is that I obsessed with it and by the time I was in 9th or 10th grade I was 6'1 towering over everybody in my family(and most people in real life too lol) I wish I could remember the process that I used to attract it because I didn't know about loa at the time(obviously I was a little kid) and I know a lot of you might say "It's just you growing up there's no attracting that made you taller" but I know for a fact I did it because 1. Nobody in my family is that tall 2. It's a coincidence that I'm the EXACT Height that I wanted to be.

  • Maybe this can be useful for someone

    By Dr Laura Giorgio:

    Once in a while, some of the participants would send me an e-mail asking about how does sex influence
    height increase - should they have more sex or less sex, or, God forbid, no sex at all?
    There are two aspects in which you can use and/or manipulate sexual energy. During sexual arousal, you
    experience a build up of energy; during orgasm, a release of sexual energy. The process that occurs during
    sexual arousal and release is the same that occurs in the process of manifesting anything, and in the process
    of programming your mind through self hypnosis.

    The first part consists of generating and focusing the energy, the second stage to release of this energy.
    During sex the sensations may be greatly amplified, and may feel more intense that if you were just
    generating energy to build a thoughtform and then releasing it to manifest your goal; and it may be different
    in intensity than just focusing your mind and energy on the height increase, and then releasing this energy,
    forgetting about it and letting your subconscious mind take over. From the perspective of energy, you are
    doing the same thing - generating energy and releasing it - and whatever you focus on (other than the
    pleasant sensations during sex) will tend to materialize in your life sooner or later. That's the essence of

    This may be challenging for some people, so I'm not asking you to necessarily go for it, but am providing this
    information more to satisfy the curiosity of some people - if you were to focus on height increase, while you
    are experiencing sexual arousal and then maintain that focus, imagining and feeling your body being taller, at
    the point of the release of sexual energy (orgasm), you'd then effectively utilize that energy toward speedier
    height increase.
    If you were to abstain from sex for a while before going through the above process you'll have more energy
    available. If you were to practice arousing yourself half-way (while focusing on height increase), and then
    stopping, allowing the energy to calm down, and then again arousing yourself half-way, and stopping and
    repeating this process several times, then the final release of energy, with the focus on height increase would
    be even more powerful.

    From a different perspective, men lose energy through the release of semen, and women through the blood
    (menstrual cycle). Apparently in order for a body to create one drop of semen, it has to use 350 drops of
    blood. In order to create this blood, body needs to use the energy (it could otherwise use for height increase).
    While some traditions would for this very reason advice abstinence from sexual activity, the thought of which
    does not appeal to most young people, some Taoist techniques provide techniques for enjoying sex and
    having orgasms, while retaining the semen, drawing this energy back into the body, and storing it for other
    needs of the body (in this case, for height increase). The similar techniques used by women lead to
    temporary arrest of menstrual cycle, preventing further loss of blood (the menstrual cycle resumes when the
    practice of these techniques is discontinued).

  • If you already got some results, you should not worrying about it now.

    And 1 hour and 30 minutes, I don't think is much time.

  • Haha I warned.  That's why I'm like a crow. I just caught the good part and let the bad part.

  • I want to say something about growing taller. I have all the growing taller files from

    I grew something about 1,5 inches but stopped it cause I didn't grew anymore and you need much time every day.

    And there's some issue with it. So there are sessions where you shall get the feeling of already being tall and so on.

    On the other hand there are sessions which say you should feel to grow taller right now. And I have a little problem with that. LOA is more about already being in the desired state and from my experience those thinking of growing taller right now gave me the feeling of the lack of height which isn't helpful.

    What do you think about that?

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  • Jahara, thank you so much for translating and picking out the useful parts.

    I was curious about the original content so I went to the site and tried to read it and the shit this guy says gave me a headache. 

This reply was deleted.