• Thank you Becoming Beautiful :)  

    Really inspiring blog :) Keep it up! Looking forward to more posts :)

  • Hello PLG,
    Welcome to the Changing Physical Appearance group of Powerful Intentions! This is a great forum, there is so much positivity and good vibes here. You will find lots of encouragement and support. :)

    Thank you for the links. I've never tried this experiment, but it looks really interesting.

    Sending you strength to manifest whatever physical change you desire.

    ~BB. (my blog on changing physical appearance)

    Becoming Beautiful
    A blog about changing your physical appearance by using the mind. Visualization, meditation, and other techniques.
  • Hsve you heard of cell talking ? That's really helpful :) what you are wanting to change or enhance ?
    • Yeah, I have tried it:)  not consistently  enough though. But I  sometimes use cell talking as supplement after a work out session,  like " cells thanks for growing my muscles, im getting ripped etc."  I Feel like its working faster:) My main goal is height increase , I've been doing a lot of different methods, meditations, hypnosis, but  having a brake right now. I'm currently just doing eft and focus on well being  and working on my belief:) 

  • I have yet to try out quantum entrainment, I'll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation Saul :) 

    About the video, it was the only one I could find on youtube demonstrating this growing finger game. Obviously it is only a demonstration to show us what our mind is capable of.  Thought someone might find it helpful : ) Definietly helped me strenghten my belief. I'm still quite new practicing loa , so I'm eager to learn more! 

  • thats the same guy on the quantum entrainment video? im listening to their audio on the website thanks saul. i dont know what this really does thou

  • Everyone should definitely follow quantum entrainment.

    The finger growing technique is nothing but a party trick. He uses this exercise just to show you the power of the mind.

  • You're welcome  Mizahh:)  Looking forward to your post. I think it's a fun excercise to build up / strengthen belief  for changing physical apperance. 

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