Recently, I have been struggling with accepting NUMEROUS aspect of myself to the point where I am homebound because I am just too embarrassed  to show myself to the world. I have the perfect image of what I wish to look like but I feel as though it's just too much to ask for. Slimmer calves, smaller hands and feet, longer hair with looser curls, an inch or two off my height, too much! 

I guess I want closure on whether or not this could be done and, if it could be, how do I go about doing this? I feel as though I can achieve my perfect mental image but I have no idea where to start! The most I have done was listen to YouTube subliminals for height decrease to go from 5'9 to, at most, 5'7 ( which I think I am seeing very small results from ) and building playlists based on various aspects of my body.

I am desperate at this point and would take any pointers, links, stories, any form of help! Thank you so much in advance!  

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  • I got nothing here umm I can argue not all subs are made right, it's y I'm picky, but we do what our boddies allow at time, so it's not the subs. Also if u can't believe don't use. Most subs speak in I perspective, if u don't believe phrase "I am" don't use subs. Me personally I ignore those youtube danger warnings cuz I kno worst can happen is what believe. Long time ago I came across 2 inspiring storries tht do apply to this situation. I didn't save. It seems ppl seem to get results when they forget present and they use a tool of sorts to help. So for you it'd be wear clothes tht make look shorter and legs slimmer. As far as I kno though tht may be contradictory, so wear the clothes with greatest overall effect. I think ull get there faster thn think. There's a point where move faster. Dramatic changes occur when hit tht rock bottom, but if u analyze tht it's a point where things can only get better, and please don't think I wish bad things on ppl just to get to said point, because I dont
  • I've had some success. I've tried subliminals, but I haven't found any that I really like. Actually, the easiest way for me to really get in the 'feeling shorter' mindset is to hang out with my best friend! He's extremely tall, so when I'm next to him it kind of amplifies how petite I am, if that makes sense? He just recently asked me if I changed shoes or something because he thought I looked smaller than he remembered, so I think something is working :) if you have any friends that are bigger than you, maybe you can try comparing yourself to put you in the right frame of mind?
  • I run into a lot of people telling me to just embrace it but, ah, preference is preference and I prefer shorter heights! Well, my ideal height is still slightly above average but still. 

  • You know, I had a feeling I'd get a reply like this one! It's great to see I am not alone! Have you had any success? As I said, I listened to HypnoDaddy's decrease height subliminal and I have noticed at least a centimeter have been trimmed off my height in three days so I'll be continuing this one. As for meditation, I considered it but I am fairly new to all of this so my ground on where to start is very,very, VERY small at the moment. 

  • I am 18 so you are correct on that! Pardon my shorter response, I'm a little short on time and drowsy but I wanted to get around to everyone who replied thus far! Anyways, how do I stay in alignment? Like, for such a specific desire, how do I make it so that I can acquire such changes? Unless you gave me the answer when you said I should act as if I have these changes... But even then, how do I trick myself into feeling shorter? There's just so much to it and I am obsessed with the outcome so that might be another blockage.

  • I do! I think I deserve to be happy in my body it I get blocked off by so many negative things that it makes it hard for me to be happy about it.

  • I thought you grew taller already? Haha I'm sure you can grow more!

  • It's very cool to see this. Most people seem to be looking to grow taller, not shorter. Finally I don't feel so alone :) I'm hoping to be shorter too!
    I think your biggest obstacle is that you think you're asking for too much. Why do you feel that way? I'd try meditating on that first.
  • People would die to be your height. Are you a young teenager who is struggling with not being able to date because guys are shoter at this age?. My desired height is 5'6" but 5'9" looks amazing too. Clothes look better on you and you will stand out. Trust me, height has power. Just be confident and love yourself first, if you still want to change because you prefer being shorter then that is fine too and you can make those changes. Changes do happen and come faster when you love yourself, love is the strongest energy. Do everything you want, stay in alignment with your desire and act/feel how you would if you had the changes, just feel good generally if focusing too much on your desire feels bad. You will get what you want as long as you are tuned into the same frequency as your desire. It is not too much, I have a list of things myself. You can do it, but just love yourself right now hun. You are amazing! Good luck!
  • *sigh* Why is height wasted on those who do not want it?

    I would LOVE to be your current height--that's model height. That is what people define as beauty. I would be so happy to embody that.

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