• Daniel, If you set a time limit to your goals then when you realize its been not fulfilled in time you will be disappointed and become impatient and you will keep giving out the vibration of not having it and that is how your future will shape not having it in the future as well.. I can understand how you feel ive been there done that..I was very impatient about growing taller too i used think about it all day. And now I just dont care....though I'm yet to see results :P
    I dont I doing something wrong? I dont do visualization or meditation I do cell talking once in a while..and listen to my NAP's every's been 2 weeks now :)
  • Hey Daniel,
    Nap's are audio affirmations that you have to create for yourself and listen to every night to make your subconscious mind believe that you have already received.
    For example you can record your NAP's saying something like '' I feel so much more proud and happy now that I am 6 ft tall'' Just an example ;)
    And you can download Kelly Howell's Secret Universal Mind Meditation I from www. you'll find it there hopefully :)
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • 2,5 cm!! Its a lot .Did you feel growing pains?

    • nope, I didn't feel any growing pains. I never expected to, I think that's why I had none. dang, I used to be the same height as my friend, but I noticed the difference yesterday, we were both taken aback cause two months ago, when we were at the gym, we both recorded our height, which was 5'7''.

  • actually, I've heard of one boy, who DID grow taller with LOA and then ceased to do anything to support his growth and he shrank back to his original height

    So, at least for an year, I think you should ...

    • so for a year you'd suggest after growth to tell my cells to maintain the height... i was telling someone the other day ..asking rather, is that really a reality then i mean even though the change comes and manifests, why would it go back? you know?

    • because once you stop "programming" the cells to maintain the new height, the old programming kicks back and it restores your original " settings", so to speak


      think about it: many people lose weight but not all of them maintain it. If what you think was true, that once the change is done, it is permanent, then people wouldn't have experienced gaining back all the weight they lost. The subconscious is very resistant and once you stop the new programming, the old returns. ( despite of the changes made)

      old programmings are very hard to change

    • understood.. so i guess what im trying to say is, although you suggested a you think that'll be all it take ? or would it be like an eternal (while alive) lifestyle thing of me telling the cells to keep the sorry karolina i just like specifics..

    • I think its just how you see things. If you think that you would shrink back if you don't affirm daily, it will for sure. If you think otherwise though, it will stay that way. it's all up to you.

    • andre pejic huh? you want to be tall as him? he's a gorgeous model.

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