• He really is!
      haha yeah, somewhere there, 6'3'' is my target :)

    • you've read drumchamps posts right? went from 5'10 to 6'3 in 3-4 months and posted just what he did... good luck at the top! I believe I'm in my growth spurt right now actually.. thighs and legs and toes.. achy. "Growing pains" as they call it

    • to be honest, I don't know

      I have heard it takes an year to maintain changes

      sorry, I can't help you here with more info

    • well to be honest, a year isn't so long. especially compared to a lifetime. Thanks for all your help :)

    • Don t buy a bad belief ...


      Theres no rules , if someone make a change and after it reverse , who knows why ?


      You probably dont know that or dont accept , but you are the ruler , take a look in the observer effect , and understand it very well, read about and feel the deep implication what it means , and please , dont say " the observer is God or Universe" because , is histerically obvious whos is observing and making reality .


      Its your life , dont give it to a phanton.



    • wow thanks Jota.. I was like huh? reverse? wth oh no LOA lol so even the reverse part all goes back to whether i believe or not.. got it! thanks ya thanks ya

  • how long did it take you?

    • Two months in total. , I focused on the process of visualizing before sleep, with an audio playing, making me visualize myself as being tall. The thing is, I was very irregular. Thanks to my sleep cycle, sometimes I get too tire I dont get the chance to do it. Several nights, I would just fall asleep without the process. I do think that with regularity, I ca grow taller faster. Oh and I asked reikipowee to send me some reiki energy! (In the aspect of being tall), I do believe hat did help me. Thanks reikipowee!

  • Hey guys, okay,. I was wondering this though... After let's say we grow right, do we have to do this cell talking everyday in a sense of maintaining the change..or is it like, okay yay! I'm now 6'0 and I don't have to think about my height anymore.. ?

  • Thats amazing Lesram! Looking forward to your post when you reach  6'3 "  :D

     I found this inspiring story the other day:  :) 

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