Growing taller with power of mind

I´d like you to share info and success stories about growing taller with visualization/thinking of us as taller.


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  • Change your perception if yourself and your body will change ill give you specifics just let me know
  • I would like to revive this discussion. Can anybody report something new?

  • Hellosies! ^-^ It's so amazing that some of you have grown tallersie! ^-^ It must then be possible to become shorter *toosies*! ^-^ I've been thinking for a while that I'd love to be shorter. I'm only 5'6 or so right nowsies, so I'm not *that* tall, but I'd like to experiment and see how I would feel at 4'8, or maybe 5'0 or 5'2, heehee ^-^ I'm an eternal child and I look very childlike, heehee, so I want my height to match! ^-^ I'm assuming that by putting positive energy into the desire, it would only manifest in a way that would ensure me being safe and healthy, right? Sometimes I get a little worried about that, but then I see how silly that is because only good things can happen for me, heehee! ^-^ Can the techniques for becoming taller be applied to becoming shorter alsosies? ^-^

    Heehee! ^-^

    ♥ Annusya ♥
  • I forgot to share this:

    I had been 5'4 ever since 8th grade (i am halfway through college now). I decided I wanted a more model-like, tall body. I have never been too attached to the idea of height or insecure about mine (since its average, nothing i ever really thought of). I thought, just for fun I could manifest a few more inches- it didn't seem like something impossible or that i *needed*, so I declared I am 5'7, accepted it and moved on. This must have been sometime in the spring after I saw this post (thanks!). When I came home from school in June I measured myself and it turns out I have grown an inch and a half (maybe more since then)! I think the key to manifesting really is letting go and not feeling the need for it. If one feels need & longing they are telling them self that they do NOT already have what they want, which goes entirely against the nature of LOA. Looking forward to sharing when I manifest the next inch and a half to be the height I decided to be! :)
    • But how do you get yourself to let go?
    • I think you just have to have faith in the LOA or your subconscious or god or whatever you want to call it. And faith in yourself that you are so much more than your body and the beauty of your soul is just as beautiful no matter what body it is in.
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