So I was pretty fed up with the stupid issue over proof, so here are some photos. I'm not done with my hair and it's still a work in progress, but its much better than when I started. I've been changing to red hair from brown. I'm starting to also see red streaks in my roots as well, so my hair is actually groeing in red now!

TIME: been about 3 months since I decided to make the change. Didn't see results till about 2 months ago. More progress in the last 2 weeks. (As of 07.20.16)


1) Visualized: my hair growing out of the roots as red, visualized looking in the mirror and noticing red roots instead of brown. Everytime I washed my hair I imagined washing red hair and running my fingers through pretty red hair. I imagined people telling me "Wow you have beautiful red hair!" (made me feel happy).

2) Acted as if: with the term "rock it like a redhead" which gave me confidence and made me feel like I already had red hair, bought shampoo and conditioner made for red hair, bought auburn eyebrow pencil. All so that it feels real.

3) Started watching two subliminals (only 4 days in so no major progress) for changing to red hair. I thought it might help speed up the progress just a bit

First Picture was taken around New Year's Eve, on a cloudy day. Second was taken about 3 weeks ago, on a cloudy day. Usually cloudy days make hair look darker. Not this time.


So, its still not perfect yet but i am making amazing progress! Even when my hair is wet it looks much redder and lighter, instead of its old almost black color. And there's a streak in the back that, even when soaking wet, it looks pure red. Still having trouble with my iPhone camera, in that it boosts cool tones and not warm ones, so it makes my hair look washed out and 'ashy' in a way. That's the only time my hair doesn't look as red as it should. No biggie though! I still have a long way to go, but I'm making progress :)

EDIT: I added a pic as a reference for what I'm going for. Really great idea by Vanessa in the comments :D

I want the greenish eyes and freckles also. Definitely see some lightening in my eyes, but the freckles have yet to appear lol

UPDATE (08.02.16):

I'm seeing so many new streaks of red hair coming from my roots which were always dark, but now seem to be getting lighter. I tried to find new hair ties that work for my hair since my old dark brown/black ones that used to blend in with my hair, no longer do and are waaay too dark! I found a pack with some light brown/auburn ones and they work really well and gave the rest to my sister who's hair is practically black. When i did that, I decided to compare my hair to my sister's, which was always a tad darker than mine, but not by much, and hers makes mine look insanely red! I didn't even realize it! Funny thing is, I always tell people that you could totally be changing some feature, but you don't notice it till you look back or find something to compare to and notice that there are changes coming; and i didn't even realize I was doing the same thing lol! I really need to take my own advice! ALSO, today I was with my best friend and she's blonde with blue eyes and she was talking about how over the years her eyes have become more blue-green and less blue, and how her once super blonde hair was becoming darker. And she turns to me and goes "you're lucky your hair and eyes are getting lighter! A few years ago I couldn't see your pupil and now your eyes are sort of hazel.. but sorta reddish brown too.. just like your hair!" And then about an hour later we were in the sun and she goes "man your hair and eyes have really lightened up! I didn't notice till now.." :D THAT was super cool! I've been visualizing a scenario similar to this for a while now and its coming true! Plus I keep seeing my lucky numbers EVERYWHERE! I KNOW, without a doubt, I'm already receiving my red hair! I already have it!

Also found a quote that has really helped me in the process. "The Universe responds not to what you want, but what you are." So by saying "I want red hair" The Universe says "Yes you do" And more wanting is delivered. By saying "I AM a redhead" and believing it/feeling it/knowing it, the Universe says "yes you are" And delivers. Here's a good video on it:

UPDATE 10.05.17!!!!

After dying my hair black and putting my desire for red hair on the back burner for about half a year, I recently started up with more Feeling affirmations (saying affirmations but paying more attention to feeling good), and made a vision board on pinterest with my ideal hair color and type. Today, I went outside to take some pictures for a new profile pic on facebook and It wasn't till i was looking back on the photos here that i see how much my hair has changed! theres a new picture up now that shows what my hair is like now! See for yourself. It's also starting to get curlier which is another thing i wanted! Small little sections in the back are becoming curlier and when I had my hair done last, by my mom, she grabbed a strand and said, "since when is your hair this curly?? Your hair is changing a lot lately!" 

I also got told the other day at work by a customer, "Wow I'm so jealous your hair is so red! Its gorgeous. i was supposed to have red hair since there are a lot of redheads in my family, but I'm stuck with brown!" and it was really fun to have other people notice it as well as validate my affirmations and prove that they are working.

Another instance like that happened today! A guy in my class said i reminded him of this one redheaded actress because of my hair and my smile! That was really fun. 

Its fun to see others reacting to my vibrations so quickly! I love it! 

Check the last picture to see my current progress!



PI Post Pic Now.jpg

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  • LOVE THIS!!! Your hair looks amazing!! As this is something I am trying to change too it encourages me greatly, however, I am not one who needs proof but still thank you so so much for sharing! Can I just say the energy of your posts are amazing.. you give so much to this community! I love your manifesting energy! Just realised yesterday that I have a major block because I dont think I deserve any of these things to come to me so I am currently trying to release that resistance! But your posts are a giant ray of sunshine! <3<3<3

  • Proof is not a stupid issue, but congratulations on your results! Looks like your already grown-in hair became lighter as well, even though you only mention hair growing in red. 

  • This is an incredible change : ). Congratulations, and thank you for sharing.

  • Wow what a massive change! Congrats and well done!! 

  • Hahaha oh here we go :P

    1. Pretty much. I didn't see results for a while. I figured its just because I had limiting beliefs that I had to break down.

    2. For me, EFT was not easy, so I chose the Sedona method instead. I made that quote my background on my phone so every time I checked it, I remembered "oh yeah, you're a redhead! Be proud!" I also read a blog called How to Be a Redhead and they have all kinds of awesome tips so I felt like I really belonged somewhere.

    3.My mom has noticed! I also have some more freckles popping up on my arms and shoulders and my skin has started to burn really easy (redheads burn super easy) And she just said "huh maybe that redhead gene was turned on in you.. we do have the redhead gene in the family.." But most don't notice it because its so subtle each day. Some people have commented, asking if I dyed my hair or if I'm using any lightening products. I tell them no and that my hair is just naturally changing a bit. 

    4. Hahaha I take immensely good care of my hair so I hope its awesome XD

    • Hello, Maya, are you still active. I'd like to ask something to you in private, especially regarding physical appereance. I would like to hear your reply in PM. Thank you:)

    • Maya, great success! Amazing :)

      I have one question though - you said you used " Sedona method". How did you reach the level of neutrality? Even with asking the 4 questions, how did you reach the state with being OK if the change NEVER happens?


    • Just keep doing it. And realizing even if it doesn't change, I'm still unique, I'm still gorgeous, and I'm still a perfect version of me. Even if i dont change, my bf will still find me pretty, my friends will still compliment me, and I still look good. Confidence is more attractive than anything. 

  • photoshop! Just kidding , that's an amazing progress.

    but can i ask u a few questions? u Visualized and acted as if  for 3 months and u didn't get any progress? until 2 months ( or 1 ?) in? also was it small progress day by day or big change suddenly?

    2. did u do EFT for negative thoughts or doubts? also how much u hold the feeling "rock it like a redhead" the joy and happyness usually for me doesn't last very long

    3. what did people around you say? ur family who's seeing the progress daily , and ur friends ? and people u don't see very often ?

    4. why do u have an amazing hair xD :P

    thank you

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