Hair Success :)

Hello people! Happy update on hair. :)

I had forgotten about this, in fact. I remembered because yesterday when I read the Bashar transcript that Kiki posted, the term "permission slip" jumped out at me. In many ways, it's what actually helped me with something I had great resistance to.

I was having a bit of a problem with thinning hair and really wanted to change that. But I had a whole lot of beliefs around my hair that were hard to change - like that as soon as my hair grew longer, the weight would cause it to fall more. And other beliefs like I would eventually lose a lot of my hair because my mom had thinning hair in her fifties.

I guess the most important thing to me was finding some way to work around these beliefs. So I set about looking for ways to make the changes not only fast, but also plausible to my then unbelieving mind. After a bit of research on the internet, I came up with a few ideas I thought I could work into my routine:

1. I started taking Biotin supplements. Note that I'd taken these before, but seen little to no change. This time, I labeled the box as "beautiful hair" which reminded me every time I swallowed one.

2. I started washing my hair more often, but using less chemicals on it. When you wash everyday or every alternate day, there isn't much sweat or dust. So a simple wash with plain cool water can clean your hair, preserve the natural oils, and close the hair cuticles. When I did feel like my hair was too greasy, I would just rinse it with a mild conditioner.

3. I'd always wanted long hair, but scared to let my hair grow. This time, I let it grow. I brushed it lovingly every night, experimented with different hairstyles. I stopped being scared about losing it and started loving it instead. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? If it started falling out again, I could just cut it short again and enjoy thick, healthy hair in a super cute hairstyle. I could love it as long as it stayed long. And love it again if I had to keep it short.

4. I looked up pictures of people who had healthy hair. Lucy Hale has a similar shade of brown and I adore her hair! I imagined myself as her, with long luscious locks.

5. I meditated and visualized at night. And during the day, I imagined my head full and bouncy with the hair I've always wanted. I also tried out the Energy Sphere technique that someone posted on here. Brilliant stuff!

Combined, these methods worked wonders on my hair. It started growing out healthier and healthier. I think the important things I did were to love my hair no matter what, and I had a clear image of what I wanted. I used placebos and permission slips that helped me - the important part is that I believed these techniques would work because they had some scientific basis to them and were easier for me to accept.

Anyway, here are some pictures. Sorry about the really bad editing. But I hope you can see the difference in the hair texture and quality.




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  • Wow! Your hair is so beautiful and healthy! Im going to use your methods to regrow my hair. It WAS damaged from excessive use of heat tools and coloring. I cut it off and now I'm regrowing. Congrats on your sucess and thanks for posting pictures! 

  • good going....!!! 

  • Thank you so much, Salome!
    And whoa! Congratulations on getting rid of that skin condition. Well done you! The mind is so powerful :o
  • Hello everyone! I just wanted to send in yet another update. My hair keeps getting even more healthy. See attached picture!

    2016-09-16 13.04.24.jpg

  • Omg your hair looks beautiful now, Goldleaf. So soft and shiny. 

    I don't know why people who come to an loa forum choose to be so negative. If anyone doesn't believe in it then that is their choice, but at the same time, what are they doing here trying to bring everybody else down? 

    I haven't got any pictures of before and after, but I have gotten rid of a really nasty long-term skin condition just through using loa. I believe it works and I say well done to anyone who has achieved success.

  • Are they really permanent leaving? Negativity is unfortunate, also even if use diff shampoo u need love and belief it works, arnt most beauty products and medications that way?
  • Hahaha...i knew it.

    I feel sorry for peoples that try convince skepticals.

    You need understand that theses kind of peoples are fully immersed in a system called objective reality, materialism, they are proud of being skeptical, they work based in the five senses, they dont know nothing about the reality that exist beyond five senses which is where reside the power to reach any goal that one want attain.

    You cannot convince a skeptical, it cannot be done, what can happens is that they sometimes (rare) convince themselves, which is almost impossible because they are too much logical and cannot grasp that the five senses are actually a hindrance to see the real world, the real power.

    Today we haveTV magicians, we have photoshop, we have all kind of technologies that can emulate creation, and this make nearly impossible to make peoples believe it when is real. 

    There are not grey zone, you believe or not, if you believe, its not necessary too much evidence, if you do not believe, even 1000 evidences will not be enough.

    Too funny :)

  • Thanks, Soham! I'm sure you'll be posting your success story in no time. I'm glad the pictures helped. Keep going! :)
  • congratulations!!!

    ...and thanks. You pictures are really motivating for me. I will write a success a story soon [PERIOD] :)

    god bless.

  • Yes, it did, Kathleen! It suddenly started growing faster. And thank you, Nelly! Your hair will be smooth and silky straight in no time. Keep at it, hair grows out, and every strand of yours is growing out smoother and straighter than before!
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