has anyone ACTUALLY had any significant change yet?

I'm sorry but i want to be beautiful more than anything. i dont want to hear "oh just love yourself how you are and accept the body you have"- i WANT to change it. 

Has anyone actually had any success with this? Any real, significant change? Do you have any pictures or can you tell me about it?

I feel like this is impossible and i really need to hear if it actually worked for anyone...

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  • Mike,

    I am really interested with what you said in this blog. I have had acne almost my entire life always on medication to keep under control. I also have acne scars as a result. I have spent thousands of dollars on removing them, and now I am going to speak with a doctor about silicone injections. I hate to say I am obsessed with it, but i am. I have had plenty of girlfiends and stay in excellent shape, but no matter what i have done, I alway look for the scars that have remained on my face. Any advice you can give me regarding this would be amazing.

    P.S what you wrote was pretty inspiring, since this has been such long lasting emotional scar for me. I am more than ready to do something diffrent besides doctors.
    • Hi Phoenix Rising:

      Your subconscious mind seems to be stuck on the presence of the scars. I actually have become quite good at removing scars (I have a wood stove so I have gotten several), I even removed a golf ball sized cyst on my back. Since I am a science fiction author and fan, I actually imagine the scars/imperfections healing like a healing power (picture Wolverine from the X-Men). I imagine it every time I see the scar (and I did it every time I scratched my back and felt the cyst, I imagined it being cut out of me and the wound closing up completely). Doing this, I even regrew the hair on my arm from 3 inch, oval shaped 3rd degree burn.

      It's really all about the mental "games" you can play. I would still recommend seeking a technique that will help you release your emotions. There is EFT which Trish has posted information about (and is a free resource) as well as the Sedona Method which I have used with great success (and I am going to delve into EFT also).

    • @ Pheonix Rising...the meds are not going to get to the root cause of the acne. 90% of thee time it is caused by hormonal issues, and of course the hormonal imbalances are just manifestations of our buried emotions and past events/trauma that we did not properly release. One immediate thing you could do is go seek out a good herbalist (Traditional Chinese Medicine is the best based on my experience, Ayurvedic coming in a close second) and see what he/she can do for you. It's always wise to have a complete hormonal profile done, but they are expensive and usually not covered by ins. as these are given out by doctors who practice natural hormone replacement therapy. But an herbalist can get a good idea of what is not balanced based on your symptoms and even where at the acne is predominantly on your face. They can also do a reading of your tongue and of your eyes (iridology reading) if they are trained to do so which often pinpoints the issue. I keep my acne very well managed with Chinese herbs, but of course if I do not keep up with them it usually returns. And this is because I haven't done the INNER work to release old emotions. I am currently doing so now through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and have made leaps and bounds in terms of progress. I'm also reading The Sedona Method which has a very good releasing technique for dealing with problems in the NOW...well, you're not even dealing with the problem, you're just letting it go for the Universe to handle.

      First things first, seek out an herbalist, get to the root cause (as far as internal balance), and get that taken care of. You'll start feeling better, and your vibes will raise giving more power to your manifestations. Then find a good releasing technique that works for you, and work on getting out old, stagnant emotions. Acne is just another manifestation of emotions buried alive. Marlene Marion has a group on Powerful Intentions call 'Advanced EFT Healing Begins Now'. Drop by and say hi to her and then get on her site. Tell her your situation and she'll direct you to the tapping video(s) that would be best in your case. It doesn't happen overnight, but within a few weeks you'll start to notice a shift in your vibes and just your overall well-being in general.
  • Hi Change
    Wow, that's a big, big height increase!!
    How did you and your friends and family react to such a dramatic change and what were the weeky affirmations you said?

    Hi Trish,
    You rock as always, with your clear concise explanations :)
    • Thank you very much!! I try to be detailed and straight with everyone without stepping on too many toes. ;-)
    • I agree with Sapphire ...Trish you rock girl! Both !You and Mike have a great gift of explaining things beautifully :)
    • I agree Sapphire and Lynn. Mike and Trish: you each give such incredible advice i wish I could hug you both! I went through all of the discussions in this group and made a Word document with all of the best methods and tips i learned from them all. I have so many gems from each of you and I am so very grateful :)
    • I think I speak for all of us when I say glad we could help!
    • Absolutely! It benefits ALL of us when just when helps. I think it helps to raise EVERYONE'S vibrations and help us all attract that which we desire. I still can't urge you guys enough to give the tapping a try. People are getting rid of moles, hair loss, physical disabilities, repairing vision and hearing, lifting depression, and a whole host of other things. If you repair your self-esteem, get rid of your doubts and fears, and get to the route cause(s) of your health issues (even if it's just a cold), you will be so amazed how your vibrations skyrocket. Guys...it takes time and work! Don't do it two days and then go 'it's not working'. It took a few distant healing sessions and about two straight weeks of tapping before my vibrations raised to another level. Now I've been manifesting money to pay off a debt, feeling better despite the hormone issues I have, and just feel grateful to be alive. I credit EFT for 85% of this progress. The subliminals help as well. DO IT, IT WORKS!!!
    • lol I did the same thing! Maybe we could post those documents some time in a separate discussion, it would be useful
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