has anyone ACTUALLY had any significant change yet?

I'm sorry but i want to be beautiful more than anything. i dont want to hear "oh just love yourself how you are and accept the body you have"- i WANT to change it. 

Has anyone actually had any success with this? Any real, significant change? Do you have any pictures or can you tell me about it?

I feel like this is impossible and i really need to hear if it actually worked for anyone...

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  • one change i had is my hair and my lips..

    i always had very thin hair and when it got longer than my chin it looked not very good.. i wished for fuller hair, for more hair or dryer hair, just somethign that it wont be so bad looking anymore when being longer...

    thats all i did i just had that wish and then i got busy with other things, like being happy.

    with my lips i also just stated my wish a few times. i always had very dry lips.. so dry  that they were all the time really badly chapped even i was using my chapstick a lot and drunk enough water..

    nowdays i have no problems with my lips anymore. they are still dry but very rarely chapped. i dont use my chapstick taht often anymore either, cause i dont have to. and my hair is a lot, well actualyl im not sure what it is.. it just doesnt hang so badly down anymore as it used to be..

    but beside stating the wish a few times and visualize it a few times for a second, thats all i did...

    also i dont know when this changed.. its just suddenly different:)

  • Hey Eric

    Any testimonies involving people growing in their 30s?


  • WOW !! I have just joined this group and just read all of this, there's some amazing information on here, I hope that Trish is still about ! I've printed a whole lot of this off and am on the case !
  • Michael Jackson did it.  :D


    Just joking of course.. I don't have much to say, but I think you can at least have an effect on the way you look. I have always believed, somehow, that AGING doesn't apply to me the same way as it does to others. I whole heartedly believe that I won't ever look my age. Care to guess how old I am? (The avatar pic is recent.) I admit I don't look like a teen ager, and I don't want to, but not once I've heard that someone would not have been surprised at my age when they heard it. I also noticed that there was a time in my life when I was feeling OLD. I looked in the mirror and I saw an OLD woman. (Well, relatively.) I think for about 2 weeks I looked my age or even older.

    I don't use any anti-aging products. In fact, I believe they are counter-productive as you focus on fighting aging, instead of staying young. Of course, I've skipped aging experiences like drinking, smoking or having children. I suppose I'd look a lot different if I had tried any of those. (For the note, I haven't skipped those in order to stay young, just that none of it has ever held any charm for me.)

  • I don't know if this counts....


    After years of trying to manifest a smaller chest I gave up.  Then my mother asked me if I wanted a breast reduction because I was complaining of back pain. I went to a doctor just to check it out, and it turns out insurance would pay for all of it.  So this winter I had it done.


    It was really uncomfortable at first, but I got smaller boobs just like I wanted.

    Definitely didn't happen naturally, but I didn't really specify that I wanted that to the universe.

  • dear Trish, could you tell me in what group to find Mike S or where i could find him.I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.

  • I think I've kind of been experiencing changes like you have. Ever since 8th grade, I was absolutely shocked by how pretty I looked in my yearbook pictures and pictures taken outside of school...you get the idea. :D I look amazingly pretty although I always ask myself "How?!" when I know full well that I was using LOA to change my appearance. I wear no make-up but I frequently am told that I'm pretty. I'm still a work-in-progress but the changes keep coming and coming. The anecdote I use to describe it is you're a rock constantly being eroded into a new shape and form; an endless stream that changes and never stops. Remember that you look nothing like you did five hours, five seconds, or five milliseconds ago. Your body is never static and neither is the earth; rock gets eroded away and you always change. Just wanted to put that out there.^^
    • i love it!! thanks gisette!
  • Looking in the mirror the last few days i feel my skin has improved like kind of aglow ahealthy look about it maybe the night time affirmations are starting to work,figure has some slight improvement,more toned,im feeling better than i did before the affirmations.
  • I haven't had, but i haven't had the time to try anything lately, i should.
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