• Woah! How did you do it? 

  • ya my partner has that disorder.

  • I've thought about it.

    Very interested.

    I believe you can do it. You know dissociative patients (people who have more than one personality) can sometimes have varying IQs. That's two say, they may have one personalty who is by test scores a genius, and another who is slightly below average or something.

    These patients can also change their eye color, their vision (go from needing glasses severely to having perfect vision). All because they literally can't help but believe they are a different person.

    So yeah, I think that at least what they say, that IQ is a SET number and can't be changed, that is just bullshit. lmao.

    There is so much science doesn't know, so you can't take them to be the absolute authority on things.

  • Yes, this is very possible and is a common application of hypnosis/belief. Mental skills are what people should be trying to manifest first before material things. This is why I don't really focus on physical features, I just focus on my focus and cognition. If you have high concentration, willpower, and emotional control then then stuff like loa will be a whole lot easier for you, not only but they're also more practical and helpful. There are so many people who've spent years upon years trying to manifest money and cars, only to hopelessly fail when instead they could've been increasing their self discipline, reading, meditating whatever and hitting 2 birds with one stone.

  • That sounds so much fun! I'm so inspired to do this now :D
  • very nice

  • Oh totally!! I manifested more musical talent so now I can learn guitar tricks and riffs way quicker than I used to be able to! I was able to memorize Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin completely, when a few months ago I could barely memorize half of it! It's so much more fun to manifest a mental skill since that can accomplish SO much more! 

  • inspirational! I like how you have integrated the multiple components of a physical change: the mind and body and heart! Beautiful.

  • Yes, I have, but the thing is, with a mental or emotional change a physical change will follow. Sometimes God doesn't allow a physical change until we're ready for it and / or we "allow" it. If we're not ready for the change, we are sending a double message and therefore, we're not in the right vibration to allow for the change.

    I wanted to lose weight in the worst way. I had always been thin and athletic. Then 40 happened (along with family issues that kept me from consistently going to the gym). Once all the chaos was over, I thought I would pick up where I left off. I found myself struggling for five years losing ten pounds and gaining it back. I had 75 lbs to lose, so I was pretty frustrated and had my thyroid checked. The tests showed my thyroid was normal. I cried. I wanted a reason that I wasn't shedding the extra weight.

    I began a shake and cleanse diet and saw some results. I would reach plateaus and linger for a long time. At the same time, I was listening to personal development teachings. It was then, I realized I was holding onto the weight. I also wanted to lose the weight for all the wrong reasons. I began to release some of these emotions and not be so attached to the outcome. The weight began to come off again. Now, I'm within 25lbs of my goal weight.

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