Healed a large keloid scar without treatment.

For approximately 9 years, I've had a large, angry - red keloid scar on my thigh.It was very raised, ugly and painful if scratched (they can get itchy.)Treatment for this type of scar is usually pointless and my dermatologist told me that treatment may even make it worse and/or make my body produce more scar tissue.More importantly, "they usually never go away on their own."Fast forward a few years, and my ugly scar was still making me self conscious with wearing mini skirts. People would always point it out and ask me what it was.I don't blame them for asking, it was usually out of concern, like did I get bitten by something? It looked inflamed and as I said : Angry red.That scar is now completely flat, a fresh pink colour and it seems to have 'broken up' because there is some normal skin tone dividing it in places.It doesn't itch, it doesn't hurt and no one even notices it anymore.I didn't get it treated. I didn't use any herbs on it. No one lasered it.I used my imagination to do it, and I know that sounds crazy.But that's the secret. It must be REAL in your imagination and it will be real in this physical world.I used to vividly imagine running my fingers over that scar and FEELING it being flat. Actually imagine the sensation, the feeling of your skin, the feeling at the tips of your fingers.And then I gave up.I didn't deliberately give up. I just got so fed up with worrying about it that I just stopped.It was only several months ago that I took a good look again and realised that it was no longer what it was.I don't know when it happened, I only know that it was over the course of about a month, from when I got sick of the process and quit, to realising that it was no longer an issue.Point is, if this type of scar can be healed, then other physical things can be too.Scar tissue is tough and anyone who has had keloids can tell you that they really suck and they like to stick around.Imagine it real and it WILL BE REAL. Make it so real in your mind, and physical reality will catch up.It doesn't have a choice. It's Inevitable.

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  • Thanks so much for sharing your story! I have some scars that I want to get rid of and this gives me motivation and hope.

  • yes good point you brought up!

    I believe its her good feeling about the good skin which stayed in her deep subconscious mind even after gave up. The thing which din't stay in her mind was worry after gave up.

    A learning from this post, if you feel good about something even in bad-dest of situation persistently and then when you gave up everything about it. Then only good feeling stays in your subconscious and rest fades away. Good to know good persists and bad fades away. :)

  • during the process of making a change you still had doubts and it worked...I'm asking because you ave up after a month right..congrats

  • Congrats

  • Yeah thats the "secret", what you see in the mind, what you accept as real in the mind become real in the world.


  • I don't see why tattoo ink should be any different. If you can imagine it being gone, and make that image very vivid and real in your mind consistently, I think it could be done, just like anything else.
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