• Someone who goes through the same thing as me! Where have you been all my life?? Loll. And what makes it worse, is that I have a cousin who's 5'0, and rubs it in my face often :(. I have been doing some research, and found this video for height decrease, I've just tried it today and my hips hurt a little! Maybe you'd like to try it.~.

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  • That would be perfect! :D

  • Oh wow! Im originally from Washington State as well and I was wondering the same thing I would love love love to be shorter! Most of the people who talk about height in this group are asking suggestions on what to do to get taller, but I on the other hand would love to be shorter you want to be shorter than your current height which is 5 foot 5 well guess what I'm 5 foot 11 and I'm a female I really don't like it. I really do understand the struggle because it's so hard being tall especially for a girl it doesn't make me feel very attractive so I definitely feel ya on that. I've been searching and searching for ways to shrink but all I can come across people who want to be taller. I wish there were more suggestions for us...

  • Your height is peeerf~ And thank you for the complements, but my picture isn't me. I wish I looked like her though. haha x

  • Thank you for the advice!

  • I am 5'3" and I would like to be 5'0". I've been trying to get shorter for about a year, but with no noticable success, maybe 1cm, maybe it's just natural shrinking during the day...what I can reccomend: Do not measure yourself often and don't compare yourself to others, especially shorter people. Just act like you're your dream height already. :)
  • I'm probably a centimeter away from 5'3 and I hate my height. I wish I was 5'5. I feel so short. I would gladly switch heights with you. You also have very pretty hair and a seemingly beautiful face. I'd be content with what you have, you're gorgeous just the way you are! :)

  • Hey now, let's make sure we're not dissing other people's preferences of how tall they'd like to be lol
    • Haha, yeep. Just my preference. I feel all tall and awkward around other girls.

  • I'm a guy, I would never hit on a girl who was 5feet 2 :) 

    5'5 is as short as they can be, for me to like them :)

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