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Hello friends,

I've been searching for success stories about altering physical appearance with mind a lot this days, there's some people who visualized and meditated for 8 months to 2 years!! they said they've changed but when they post photos it's just very small change or nothing at all . What's the point ? See i'm afraid that i will believe and believe  and in the end i won't change or it would be all in my head. That's what holding me back. In deeptrance website there's a hypnosis for growing taller, there's some testemonials of people who grew 1/4 inch in 6 months or 8 months !! That's pathetic as they purchased the hypnosis and it's quite long (45mn) everyday!! And still not much progress, also it's probable they could have mis-meassured . And then i read a post about 20 something girl who grew 6 inches in 3 months!! she said even if bones stop growing tissues still grow,what that even mean ? I'm supposed to believe that? Even puberty won't do that to you . There's also a story in abeforum about a guy who grew 5 inches a month!! That a whole level of made up stories. The weird thing is with such amazing results why they don't post photos? I would ve very proud of myself, i can conceal my eyes if i don't want to reveal my identity ( as if anyone would recognize me in this group). Do you guys have any photos of height increase ? I heard some brazilian guy increased his height and posted his photos but i can't find him anywhere. Do you have any idea about that?

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  • Can anyone lead me to Feya's post?

  • Feya is one of the people that really gave me hope. she had real change. I don't understand why more people don't post their pics, why not? What it gonna happen ? Also why feya didn't want her pic posted? Did she get harrassed or something ?

    • You only achieve it when you accept that you're already like whatever you want your body to change to. 1 or 2 months of this, and you stop giving a crap about getting validation from others for your success....as to your mind it was all natural and you have other things to do in your life. Constantly looking for small changes to update your posts on a forum...you're begging it. Good luck getting changes when you're begging it.

    • Right 

  • When you succed you will know why they don't post pics, and why Feya does not want anyone posting her pic

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