Height Increasing Methods

Hello guys, I am starting this discussion to gather as much information ,ways,methods and proofs from people who used the "LOA" to increase their heights .I am sure this is very important for lots of people who suffer . Let's help each others.

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  • Here is something to help with resistance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4j0iArmPO0

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  • Interesting thing to say..."I have so many blocks." Abraham Hicks, basically to break it down, all those things you say aren't your past, that's what becoming your future. I think instead of focusing on your hang-ups, you should put mental energy focusing on having it good. Like, switch your thoughts over when you're thinking bad things, because by analyzing your BAD, you are just manifesting more bad and blocks.

    I am saying "I am focusing on the enjoyment of being on the vibration wave of being tall."

    rather than saying, "I'm having trouble because I rely too much on reality validating my progress."

    I only say the things that I want to be true. I only say the things that I want to be true.

    if you only talk about your reality now, this current reality is all your reality will ever be, probably, because that's what you're saying exists, that's what you're manifesting.

    hope I helped...just had a little input..

  • Right, your mind interprets mental actions and physical actions the same, because they REALLY are. So developing your ability to visualize will be quite helpful to anything you want to do.

  • " we live in a physical action oriented reality."

    This is only a belief Adriana. The rabbit role is more deep that we think.

  • yes, 

    for me action soothes the resistance and after all we live in a physical action oriented reality.

  • SuperSayan

    I agree, sometimes action is needed. Okay so this lady says that she grew an inch or so in the lower legs by wearing ankle weights on her legs and another inch on her hips by doing 1000 kicks per day. Shes 27 on this video, the video is in russian but you get the idea. I have followed her for a few years .She goes through the steps here  but never tried it her routine


  • hi would you mind explaining how you use lucid dreaming for manifestation  ?  sounds really interesting. so far i´ve been only using it for the fun itself and connecting to my subconscious sometimes.

    • A book I read said its connecting directly with subconcious. Its not astral travel. Acording to same book its when sleep you be person. Its u believe you are them and you can play out alternate life. As if have already. Its basically on par with things you do when awake but it can be better than average afirmation. Or it can be a tool to continue afirations in sleep. I want to use it instead of what book defines as astral travel.
  • Gz, very smart

  • Since the beginning of my 'project' (one month ago) I grew 3/ 4 centimeters. 

    I use a notebook where I note how tall I am in my mind.

    I pretend that I've just measured myself and write down my visualised height.

    I used to be 157 centimeters (at the moment 160) and want to become 170 centimeters.

    In the notebook I wrote down that I was 160, 162, 165, etc. spreading those numbers between

    a couple of weeks so that I could genuinely believe it happening. It's not realistic to grow 7 centimeters in a week and you'll probably doubt yourself, which you really shouldn't do.

    I hope this helps!

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