• Kianna, you can give your extra cm to Adriana.
    You want to shrink and Adriana wants to gain height, so that woul be a good deal :D
  • Awesome! c:

  • I don't like my height. When im out in public, im like towering over all the other girls.

    • at 5'5 you are towering over girls?

      where do you live? Im almost 5'5 and heck I am shorter than majority of girls . 

      are you sure you want to shrink? now thats interesting 

    • lol i think she lives in asia, just guessing :)

    • Actually, im in washington state. The girls here are sooo shoort! Like 5'2 and under! Im so jealous.

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees! c:

  • Why?

  • hell yes it is
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